As they went.

Leprosy island-526613_640As I read another part of the Book I am convicted of the many times I have procastinated or ignored an inner desire to do or start something. Most of us like to wait for perfect conditions  before we progress with ideas.

Ten lepers, standing at a distance approached Jesus and called out ‘Jesus, master have mercy on us’.  Jesus replied ‘ Go, show yourselves to the high priest’. ‘As they went‘,  things happened.

Few  things to learn from this story:

Leprosy is contagious hence they stood at a distance.  Some of our conditions though not visible like leprosy does make us stand aloft. Some of these could be rejection, fear, anxiety, depression, past failures.

They recognised their condition and asked for help. This is where some have boldly taken the bull by the horn and gone in search of solution. This could be available in numerous ways.

Jesus told them to show themselves to the priest. ‘This doesn’t make sense, he knows we are not allowed to that by law’ they must have  reasoned but proceeded. We rationalise a lot today if instructions fail to meet our standards.

They obeyed the instruction and went. ‘As they went, they were healed’. Great things happen when we act  on information or leadings and do not rationalise ourselves out of it. Taking action and at the right time is key to success. Miracles happened as ‘they went’. Luke 17:12-17

The action they took was not normal. They needed to go through some rituals before pressenting themselves to the priest but as the High Priest ordered, they obeyed. They acted in faith not waiting to see diminishing symptoms.

Thanksgiving was also an important lesson from the story. Out of the ten healed , one returned to give thanks. ‘Where are the remaining’ asked Jesus. By returning to give thanks, he did not only get physical healing, he got spiritual healing too when Jesus declared, ‘Your faith has made you whole’. Whole in body, whole in spirit.

Taking action to see results is important although it may be partial to start with. Have you started a business and wondered when the money will start rolling in. Never give up your dreams, take those small steps and see the full picture unfold.

Those ideas and hunches you shelved, why don’t you revisit them today.






You can feed five thousand

Do you know that you can feed 5000? ‘How’? you ask, by being grateful for the little resource you have. You don’t have to wait for plenty before you stretch out your hand. The power to increase and to cause increase has been given to you by your creator. Before you were created He said ‘I want to make man in my image’. If the manufacturer has decided to make you in His image you can do whatever he can do because he empowered you. In fact the book says ‘I can do all things because he strengthens me’. What ever I imagine I can do. So the problem lies in ensuring that whatever I choose to do is for the benefit of mankind. Power will move in you as you serve mankind and it is important you don’t ignore yourself.fishes_23-2147516484

The story went like this: A young boy gave his lunch as a request was made for food for a crowd. How could a boy’s lunch feed 5000? The important thing is that the boy offered what he had, five loaves and two fishes. He did not rationalise and allow analysis to paralyse his thinking. He offered, the meal was received and thanksgiving was made for the meal. The miracle started as thanksgiving was being made for the meal. Not only were the 5000 fed but twelve baskets full were left over. The officers or disciples had already done the calculation and decided that there was not enough money to feed the crowd. In those days, only men are  counted so the miracle could have fed twice or three times that number of women and children.

We all have the power to cause increase to happen but sometimes we are are not aware of our capability and may be driven by fear. You can have the know how but lack the courage to make the move for change. In the situation described above the disciples could have offered the money they had to Jesus but did  not. Instead they were looking for physical things to offer. They even exclaimed ‘what is this among so many’. These are experienced men who had followed Jesus around for so long. Yet they doubted their abilitiy to provide.  Have you sometimes doubted your ability? Yes I have and lost many opportunities as I rationalised away my chances. Now I know better and can say ‘With my Creator, all things are possible’.

As I thought about this story I noticed a few things:

  • The giver gave and  benefited as well as other people.
  • The giver made history though we don’t know their name.
  • Give thanks for what you have to receive increase.
  • Little becomes much when the Creator is in it.
  • The disciples had to learn to trust.
  • Our problems are never beyond solution.
  • The disciples had forgotten previous miracles.


What about you, I’ll love to hear about your experinces. Leave your comments below.


What do you have in your house?

Your blessings may be sitting right there in your home. That thing you need to move to the next level may be right within your reach but waiting to be discovered. There are many things within us or in our surrounding that can be the source of our enlargement. There may be something in your house that is the key to your breakthrough. Let’s see some of these and how we can use what we have to enlarge our ourselves.

Physical strength
You need physical strength in order to do some things but that doesn’t mean your stength will cause an increase. Infact the dependence on your pysical strength alone could be a disadvantage. I heard a story once of two people sent to do chop down trees in a day, a young man and an old man. The old man was more experienced than the young man. The young man believing he had more strength thought, ‘I can scale through this, look at this old man’. The old man got to work the way he knew. At the end of the day he had chopped down more than the young man.
The young man was shocked and asked, ‘how did you do it, did you cheat’? The old man replied ‘ I worked for an hour and took 10 minutes break every hour. I did that for 2 reasons: to rest and to sharpen my axe’. I was working with sharpened axe all through whilst you worked with a dull axe. (Source: Word for Today Nov. 15)

We can learn two lessons from the story above:
1. Take time for rest and renewal
2. Stay sharp, dull axe requires more effort.
Our strength alone can fail us. The Creator also rested after creating the universe. During the time of rest, find time to review, meditate and appraise yourself. Jesus also advised hie disciples to take time out for rest, Mark 6:31. Do not feel guilty for taking a rest, nature demands it.

Mental strength
Intellectual ability is another source but that alone cannot produce success. There has to be a combination of factors to get maximum results. However the way we think can greatly affect our success rate. ‘As a man thinketh’ is a very powerful statement in life’s journey and a lot has been written and discussed about that. You can become anything you want to be. It starts first in your thoughts and your Creator also mentioned that ‘Whatever man imagines, he can do’.

I am drawn to another story in the Book about a widow who was experiencing a time of dryness. A prophet is instructed to visit the widow and that she would be the source of provision for the prophet as he too had a need. Why would God instruct a prophet to visit and be fed by a widow. ‘I have directed a widow there to supply you with food’. 1Kg 17. Today this would be called ‘widow abuse’. The prophet did not ask the woman to give him everything, he asked the woman to ‘Don’t be afraid, prepare a small loaf of bread for me from the flour and oil you have and bring it to me first, then make something for your son and yourself’,

She obeyed and did as the man said although she’d previously confessed that  ‘she was going home to prepare a meal for herself and her son’ before they both die due to famine. Miraculously, from that day she never lacked because the flour and oil never dried up.                           image:

What are the lessons we can learn from this:

  • Elijah did not rationalise and say ‘how can I go to a woman, a widow and a gentile’?
  • The woman did not doubt him though she had a need and her resources may have lasted another two meals. She did not argue.
  • Her obedience cause her to be blessed and increased her resources.
  • Previous to this, Elijah’s other source (brook) had dried up. One door shuts and another opens provided we are able to hear the next  instruction.
  • Elijah was not sent to the rich in the land.
  • They both had what they needed for the duration of the famine.
  • Never put your Creator in a box, predicting how He will meet your needs.

The source of our success or breakthrough can arise from variety of things including physical things that we possess. Our willingness to stretch out to help others can greatly enhance our exisitence whilst being a blessing to others. All we need is the ability to listen and be obedient to directions. If the lady did not  got to the well,, she would not have met Elijah. Who are you destined to meet?

Sound of abundance

What is abundance?  Abundance is having plenty, having more than enough such that you are  in a position to give away. It is having a large quantity of something. Somebody recently commented that the reason we re  blessed is that we can bless others after our own needs have been met. The book refers to blessing so you can be a blessing. You receive so that you stretch your hands out to the needy and less privileged. The word abundance doesn’t only refer to money but one could also have an abundance of joy, faith, hope, goodness, love to mention a few.

We are designed to live in abundance. It is our right but what can stop it?. We can stop it. Why you ask, ‘abundance is a choice’. We all have a free will. God will never force His will on us. Whatever man imagines he can do’. What are you imagining? What are you asking for?. Who is speaking into your life on a daily basis?. Are you giving the creator chance to speak into your life daily?.


As I pen this post I am reminded of a story in the Book about one of the prophets. Elijah the prophet declared ‘ As the Lord liveth, there shall be no dew or rain these years’ He spoke out of great confidence in the creator of the universe although sometimes when people speak like that people say it’s pride. I think here we also realise the power of declaration, according to my word. Surely according to his word, the famine lasted 3 years. Did he cause the rains to stop, no but the creator did because of his displeasure and judgement on the people for putting their trust in false gods. He had previously warned and nobody was heading the warnings.

There was a famine in the land. This is a physical manifestation of a spiritual famine. We may not believe in God or a higher power but what are the false images (gods) we’ve spiritually erected for ourselves. Anything can be god to us. Our jobs may become our god to the extent that we ignore families and other more important things like our health.

The story changed when the people Elijah challenged the four hundred false prophets of the time. ‘Let’s have a contest’ he asked. ‘Make your altar and I will make mine and let’s our God’ he continued. He expected them to withdraw but they were very confident of success. ‘Call your god and I will call mine’. They called their god but he never replied, Elijah called his and He did reply. The prophets were eventually destroyed. There are implications of listening to the wrong voice. Who is speaking into your life?


Elijah repaired the altar in 1 Kings18, and fire came down. God proved Himself as the only true and living God that answers prayers. In verse 41 the bible reads,  “And Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink for there is a sound of abundance of rain” How did he hear the sound? Prior to this the situation was so bad that people had resulted to cannibalism.

What really intrigued me further is the process it took for the Rain to appear and the famine to end.
He sent his servant three times to observe the weather. I learned a big lesson here. Elijah believed the promises of God in 2Chronicles 7:13, 14 ‘“When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people. If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Although he had lot’s of experience walking with God, he still needed to pray to see fulfillment of his declaration. The book continues, ‘Elijah climbed to the top of Carmel, bent down to the ground and put his face between his knees. (praying). Go and look toward the sea,” he told his servant. And he went up and looked. “There is nothing there,” he said. Seven times Elijah said, “Go back.”

In conclusion I wondered, what would have happened if he had not continued to pray. Although a man of faith he did not just pray once and left the matter. He PUSHed (prayed until something happened). before giving Ahab the King instructions. We must never give up on our dreams. Keep hope alive and work towards your dreams. Stay far away from negativity, believing the vision will surely come to pass.





My name is Money

My name is Money and I live in people’s pockets,  wallets, banks to name a few.. Some people decide to store me in their jackets and coats. I come in different denominations and various sizes. I am loved by many and hated by many more. I am attracted to some people and repel others because they don’t  treat me with respect. I will explain my reasons for both later. One reason is  because some do not understand my mission in their lives. Many do not really understand me.


What is my mission, you ask? My main mission among others is as a means of exchange of transactions. With me in your possession you can buy goods and services. I am a medium of exchange.  Without me, goods and services would have to be exchanged by barter and this can prove difficult. I am a tool to achieve a purpose.  When used as a tool I meet lot’s of needs and provides solution to many problems.  I am God’s gift to you. Praise and glorify the giver not the gift. Trusting and serving me only results in fear but if you trust and serve the giver you will live a life of contentment and peace.  As Solomon said in the BOOK ‘money answers all things’  Ecclesiastes 10:19

But money isn’t everything is it:

Money can be a god and it can also be a great tool of freedom. It solves problems and it is used to value many things. What am I to you? Do you love money so much that you will do anything to acquire me. The misquoted scripture never says money is evil. It is the love of money that is evil.   Many people are serving me without realising it and as a result will do anything to get me. Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

How do I acquire you? There are many ways:

  • Give me away and you’ll have more: proverbs 11:24, Strange but true
  • 25 ways you can attract money into your life without stress.
  • Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:31-33
  • Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it. Proverbs 13:11

I hope I have managed to convince you of the importance and relevance of money and most importantly how to increase it.

Walking by Faith

Faith means  believe it  before seeing the manifestation. It  is a conviction rather than a proof that something  exists. It  gives me access to the unlimited wisdom of the Creator and it  is sometimes interpreted believe. .In fact the Big  Book says ‘Without faith, it is impossible to please the Creator of the Universe’.

You are walking down an alley way and you cannot see the end, but you know there is an end.  You may also have seen the end but  not know how to get there. All you know is you’ve got to get to the end regardless of how you get there. Faith is taking the steps (blindly )in order to complete the journey because you are sure of your destination.

God is moved by faith and not   by our various sacrifices including fasting. To obey is better than sacrifice, submission is better than offering the fat of rams. Faith is about  being okay when all things may not be working the way you expect.

The bible is full of stories of people whose faith (belief/trust)  enabled them to accomplish great things..Abraham believed that he would be a father of nations even when he was told to sacrifice his son on the altar. Moses, through faith led the Israelites as God intended though he initially was reluctant because he was a stammerer.

Moses sent twelve spies to spy out the land of Canaan. Ten spies returned saying ‘the land is full of giants and we see ourselves  as grasshoppers’, two spies returned saying ‘we are able to take the land.’ The language of faith spoken by Joshua and Caleb ensured they were the  only adults who entered the promised land.

What promises or conviction have you had regarding various issues of your life.What are you doing about it? Have you allowed your analysis of your situation to paralyse you such that you are not able to progress? Whatever it is, help is at hand, engage God in your affairs.

How can my faith be increased you ask? All you need is faith like mustard seed. In order to walk effectively in faith, we need to confess the Word regularly. This is sometimes called affirmations. We need positive affirmations to build our faith. Our words are spirits and are effective if spoken.

I challenge you today to begin operating as someone who is indeed the architect of his life. The changes you desire are waiting to happen, it all depends on you.








Employ God

What do I mean by employing God you ask? Engage God or your Creator in all the affairs of your life. In order to employ or engage someone, you need to speak and listen  to them.
God is everywhere, omnipresent and knows all things. He is in everyone who is prepared to accept Him into their lives. He is waiting for us to MAKE UP OUR MINDS as to His next assignment which He is dead-keen, anxious to manifest for us, and more than capable of doing so. That’s what pleases him. He can only do stuff for us if we ask or allow him to do so. Many times we have this notion that God will do….regardless. remember He gave you a free will and will not interfere in your life without your permission.

How do you engage your Creator?

  • Ask and it shall be given.
  • Knock and the door to your opportunities will be opened.
  • Seek and you will find.

You may call these steps anything, some people call it praying. Whatever it ‘s called doesn’t matter. You are speaking to your Creator and He will respond.  Give the Supreme Creator something to work on.   It could be as simple as asking Him to open doors of  opportunity for you. When those doors of opportunity arise, don’t forget to be a blessing to someone.  What ever you need ask, if the answer doesn’t show up straightaway, thank Him for the answer ! Believe you receive is the language of the spiritual world.

Just ask for big things too! He is unlimited. Please ask, he is waiting to hear from you. Employ Him, engage Him. He wants a job too, that’s why He is there within you…Take a walk down your street. Get the feeling that you and He are all that you see. For you ARE! Look at every blade of grass or pebble or birds, just look at anything and feel His Presence in it, listen closely and hear Him saying to you “Hey dude, here I AM, If you believe in Me as I believe in you, then give me something to do. You are boss!

appreciation_01 Continue reading Employ God

Miracles happens in times of rest.

Jesus and the loaves multiplication. Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes when he asked the people to rest, Luke 9:16. It is a well known fact that we are more creative when fully rested and not when we are are striving. It is the reason many people love taking regular holidays. Endless busyness doesn’t always translate into productivity and can be very unhealthy. We are not programmed for work without end. We are meant to have periods of rest.

Rest doesn’t always mean cessation of activity. It also means ability to share your workload with someone more capable. This is the reason Christ said ‘My yoke is easy and my burden is light’ Matt 28:28-30. The yoke or problem does not reduce the burden, it makes it easy to bear knowing that someone more capable is carrying it too. Abiding in Him equates to rest. He will surely give you rest from your labour, Trust Him!sunbathing-813102__180
During times of rest, the brain has time to be quiet provided you are resting in a peaceful environment. Noise kills genius, according to Ron Holland. You need Silence, Stillness and Solitude in order to receive anything meaningful into your subconscious. During this time of rest, listen more and think less. The mind is more creative when less active. What do you do during this time of solitude. Learn to meditate.

The act of meditation is not only resigned to doing Yoga or transcendental Mediation. Both of which I do not believe in. Meditation does not have to involve practices you do not believe in. You can allow your mind to dwell on portions of scripture while thinking of nothing else. The secret is not trying to think. Mediation is also an antidote to stress. It is not surprising then that one of the beautiful scriptures in the big book says ‘Come unto me all they that are heavy laden and I will give you rest.’ I love this quote from one of the greatest poets that ever lived ‘A solitude is the audience-chamber of God’. -Walter Savage Landor

Problems are opportunities

“Any big problem is a big opportunity…. No problem, No opportunity, No Business…. Nobody will pay you for solving a non-problem.”

Every Business is solving a problem. People are paying for solutions by buying a product or service. Problems are said to be the universe’s way of helping us to learn to accept reality. These problems can help to show our fortitude and energy. We should never see problems as time to complain but as the time to ask:

  • What new lesson is life trying to teach me.
  • What new skill am I about to unleash in me
  • What new contacts is this about to give me.
  • Who would be the beneficiaries of my  new opportunities

It is important to always look at the positive side of events that happens around you. A woman tele evangelist once narrated how she began to run her own ministry. ‘I was sacked from one job or the other’. ‘I started running small meetings and it blossomed’ she said. She could have sat complaining and do nothing about her situations. Continue reading Problems are opportunities

More will be given

”To those who use well what they are given, or those who have even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, or have nothing even what little they have will be taken away” according to Matthew 25:29.  The story continued with ‘take the money from him and give it to the one with most money.  I particularly like this version because it mentions ‘use’. Many time this scripture has been read in the context of money but I believe it can be applied to anything in our possession including or talent. Yes it sounds harsh, how can the little that the servant possesses be taken away and given to the one that has already? Continue reading More will be given