Rejoice in Adversity

My last post discussed briefly the reason for thanking God in the face of problems.

There is a seed of equivalent benefit in every Adversity. When unpleasant things happen, we receive it with joy expecting that it’s happened for a reason and that something of great benefit can come out of the negative situation.

By acknowledging the situation and being grateful for the opportunity to pass through,  the grace to see the reason for the circumstance would be revealed in due course.

We are on a journey in life and not even the bible promised that all will be rosy. It did promise that as we have received the Son, the grace to sail through is given to us.

4 thoughts on “Rejoice in Adversity”

  1. Senior
    We are living epistles. All things work together for our good though it doesn’t appear so as we are plodding through the issues. That is why it is important to rejoice in all things.

    Look forward to your next visit.

  2. Good thoughts. Scientific sdtuies certainly back you up. So does Biblical theology. Our ability to predict the real life consequences of our actions and the actions of others turns out to be quite low statistically. Another implication of your insight is that we shouldn’t waste much time beating ourselves up saying What if about the past. We have no better ability to know where that different choice would have ultimately led, but we can be certain that a different choice would not have changed just one thing, but many unpredictable events in the sequence of our life and the life of others. Our best bet is to daily offer God What is and relax into the Grace of God whether that day turns out to wonderful or very difficult. Nobody can control or predict the long term consequences of either kind of day.Ron Simkins recently posted..


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