5 ways to get rid of fear

Fear is real.  It is sometimes disguised as excuses.  It is defined as False Evidence Appearing Real. ‘Fear not’ appears 365 times in the bible some say.It doesn’t  appear exactly as quoted but could be ‘be courageous’. It is a destiny robber. It is the creator of many identified and unidentified diseases. Fear and doubt are twins. It is crippling. Fear if not dealt with can lead to health issues, especially mental ones like anger, hate and the list going on.

Fear can come in dressed in many attires:

  • Fear of failure (caution)
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of success (always disguised in false humility)
  • Fear of anything technical
  • Fear of people
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of Loss
  • Fear of rejection

Naomi has a high powered job with a big firm. She was recently challenged to start her own business having heard a preacher for so long. She considered the big salary she would loose but against this is the children she never knew because they were being cared for by house help. domestic life had greatly suffered. One day she summed up courage and resigned from her job to start her own business. Six months later she reported, ‘my income in six months has superseded my income in one year’.  We need to face our fears.

What are the reasons for your fear:

  • Childhood traumas
  • Bitter past experiences
5 ways to get rid of the monster called FEAR:

These steps are not set in stone and you may need to analyse your fears alone or with some help in order to get maximum benefits.

Dream big, aim high.

How do you see yourself:  giant or grasshopper. Reminds me of the story where 12 men are sent to spy the land. The land had been promised as an inheritance, all that needed to be done is possess it.  10 of the twelve men said ‘we are not able to take the land, we are like grasshoppers. The remaining two said ‘we are able to take the land’, let’s go for it, the occupants are grasshoppers. They even brought a sample of the fruit of the land. How do you see yourself? What are your limiting beliefs about yourself and others? Do you often use the words:

I can’t, others can..

I wouldn’t, others can….

I mustn’t, they must…

I don’t, they do…

I’m not, others are….

Get knowledge

Fear of the unknown may be as a result of lack of awareness of the situation ahead. Mark 9:23: all things are possible to those that believe. Determine not to fear the giants.

Refuse to conform.

Dream Big.

What is your dream? are you following your dream/s or following expectations.

 Stop looking at the chaos, Kick fear out of the door!

Though your situation may be rotten and it looks like it will not change soon, look to the one who created you and his bigness. He likes that because it shows that you are not dependent on your strength. Our plans always look very good to us but may not be the best for us. The one who created you knows the best for you.

Face your fear

Look at your FEAR in the face and tell it to do it’s worst.

There are organisations that help people to get rid of various phobias, maybe that is what you need in order to damn your fear. Face your fear is one such organisation, they help people overcome their phobias by getting them to do those things they fear. It could be a fear of heights. Some help is also available in form of an app which exposes you to terrifying scenes. Facing your fears helps you grow into a better person and your experience can be a source of help to someone else.  Take small steps Go out and get busy. Remember the story of David & Goliath. He faced the taunting of Goliath at the Israelites for 40 nights and knew he had to do something.

Think of the things you excel in 

Thinking of your successes helps you to identify your present predicament as something that you are able to overcome. it can also help to boost your self-confidence as you approach your new task. Have you done some awesome things in the past.  It may look ordinary to you but could have some people may struggle with the same. Are you currently going through University struggling with some difficult subjects? How did you feel completing High school and some people did not finish? Did you feel elated when you saw your results?

Relive that past experience

Visualise success in the new

Tell yourself you can do it

10 thoughts on “5 ways to get rid of fear”

  1. I often am filled with fear but after reading this article i realized i should not be
    I enjoyed the way you presented your content and i also enjoyed the content itself
    I think it is a very relatable topic as all human beings experience fear at some point in their life

    • Hi J-Money

      I totally agree with you that this topic is relatable.

      We all experience fear from time to time but need strategies to help deal with it.

  2. No matter who you are, everyone deals with fear. But as a young 17-year-old, the fears I struggle with the most is rejection and people. No one wants to be rejected and sometimes I see people who aren’t acting themselves just to be with the ‘cool’ group of kids. I’ve gone through this and I can assure you that you don’t want to go down this road. Be yourself, love God, love others, and don’t be afraid to show it. Spread the good news and God will protect you. If you are rejected or heartbroken, don’t let it bring you down but help it make you stronger. And please don’t live in fear. Fight it and be a soldier for Christ. Prayer is also very powerful, so please make it a daily routine. God wants to help you overcome these fears and he’s more than willing to hear what you’re going through. If you are ever doubtful, pray and listen. God will give you answers and strength.

    Thanks for the inspiring post!


    • Hi Bradyn

      I think a lot of people do suffer from fear of rejection and people. I thank Gid you’ve been able to overcome your fears.

      I also agree with you that God can give us the strength to overcome if we put our trust in Him.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. hi there, great article on fear. As human beings it’s something that we all go thorugh on regular basis and your strategies here are definitely helpful to people I feel like fear is something that is telling us to go through in order to break our comfort zone and dream big like you rightly state in your post. Motivational, keep them coming!

  4. Love the way your content really explains all of this. Especially your comparison you made between the grasshopper and the giant. I have always lived with more of a giant type of mentality but even thinking that you can just take that land you still might have just a little bit of doubt with the whole situation. And just like you even said “fear and doubt are twins.” Very good site.

  5. What a motivational article! I strongly believe that we need to dream big and learn as more as possible to overcome the fears that let us down.

    However, it is not easy. As a person who has tried many difficult things from a very young age, I can see that you need real effort to overcome your fears.

    Sometimes you will make it but some other times you will not.

    Winning your fears is the most important factor to reach any goal.


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