All of the Creator..

resides in Christ in bodily form. Colossians 2:8 LB. So I have all I need when I speak and listen to God. The word is ‘fellowship’. When you fellowship with someone, there is a two way communication taking place, giving and receiving. I need to draw nourishment from the source.

A life of dependence on my  abilities and qualifications will produce minimal fruits. As I invite the creator into my daily dealings, abundant fruit should result for He has knowledge of witty inventions. Is it any wonder that we don’t see much increase in our lives because we don’t find time to listen to the creator of the universe.

We need time for quiet reflection in order to tune in to the resources of the creator and the radio of the universe. In Him lie  hidden all the might, untapped treasures of wisdom and knowledge, Col. 2:3. This is a powerful treasure and offers the answer to a life of fruitfulness. We are abundantly blessed and should be overflowing with thanksgiving and and joy  at the remembrance of these words.

There is a higher power than us waiting to deposit the knowledge and wisdom we need to us. We can be enriched by following the instructions we receive as we listen. A lot of inventions have happened when people take time to receive instructions. Busy, busy running around produces very little results.


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