As you have spoken in my ears ..

so I will do to you.

I am reminded of a passage in Numbers 14 where Twelve spies were sent out to spy the land promised for occupation.  Ten of the spies brought back a bad report but the remaining two confessed that they are able to possess the land and brought the evidence of the fruit of the land. They also confessed that the land is a good land and flows with milk and honey. They encouraged the people by asking them not to fear the owners of the land, ‘the Lord is with us’

Your confession is your destiny. You attract what you confess

Those men who brought back evil report  perished. Those who brought good report were told their descendants would inherit the land

What lesson can I draw from this: The land may have had giants and difficult people but it also had fantastic opportunities. It is a case of half empty or half full, which do you accept. We truly possess what we confess.

In the midst of all difficulties, do I see the blessings that can result?  Despite the negative circumstances that may abound, there is always a great and effectual door that is about to open. Problems/ crisis create opportunities if only we can think so.





8 thoughts on “As you have spoken in my ears ..”

  1. Gods words does indeed work!the meditation and commitment to Gods words must accompany the speaking of it. otherwise,we speak in Idleness. If the word is in someones heart, the fruit will be in his heart…In Meditating and speaking it,He /She continues to bring forth fruit–.

    Kav,your Inspirational words sustaineth you as The Lord continues to “give you rest”(Mattew11.28)

  2. These are great words of wisdom! I really enjoyed this teaching today. What you sow is what you reap! I really believe that the quality or your thoughts determine the quality of your life. The Bible says this numerous times but so many people fail to live this way. They have negative thoughts and a negative life. In this sense, I believe that those who are already happy, get more happiness!

    • Hi Philip

      So true but so sad that many don’t realise that what you sow is what you reap. We cannot sow orange seeds and reap apples. Negative words produce negative energy which is not productive.

      Thanks for your contribution.


  3. So good to see this posts from you. Despite all the difficulties you face, you will be able to overcome them and occupy the land. In my experiences, I always encounter obstacles in front of me and mainly because I am not a YES man to influential people. However, after every obstacle you will become stronger and you will emerge wiser the next round. Stay positive and believe in GOD above to protect you.

    • Hi Stanley

      Thanks for your input.

      Life never promised daily roses. We are bound to face challenges but we can use them as opportunities to learn to do things better.



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