Imagination leads to manifestation

Our imagination is a god given gift. Gen 11:6 ‘Whatever man imagines he can achieve’.  It is the ability to form a mental image of something not perceived with the natural senses.  Our minds are the factory where the reality of our purposes are established through the gift of imagination. ‘As a partaker of His divine nature’, we have been created for greatness and not mediocrity. The ability to create is through our imagination and it  should be fueled with excitement. What do we do to fuel our imagination? As your imagination mixes with excitement,  difficult circumstances regarding the issue diminishes or is eradicated, boldness to proceed with rise. Imagination enables us to be confident of a reality beyond our experience or perceptions.

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Faith is an act of imagination because you have not seen but yet you believe that it would happen. It  is vision in the spiritual realm.  Faith brings the unseen into the seen realm. Ask – Believe – Receive is the language of faith. Visualising or imagining the result is instrumental to receiving the answer. Do not visualise the problems or the obstacles. Do not speak  negative about desires.

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Restores my soul

A restored soul is a prosperous soul. I want to explore the meaning of this statement here.

Moira is the first of 5 children. She was born when the parents were both students. It was obvious that she was planned for. She grew up timid, never wanting to venture into anything new. ‘Moira, can you take over the project for us’, asks her manager. ‘I don’t feel up to it ‘, she replied. She has all the qualifications and ability necessary for the project but she’s always putting herself down. Our mind collects evidences supporting our current belief.  Our perception of reality informs our behaviour. Life never promises to be fair all the time. We can with the help of the Creator change our circumstances by changing our beliefs.

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I want my sight

The Manufacturer’s manual is full of many stories that challenge our thinking and the norm. Many times We have heard or asked the question, ‘if there is a God, why is there so much suffering?’.  That question has bothered me a few times but  I know there is always an answer to every question if we dare to look for it.

‘Lord Son of David, Have mercy on us’ shouted two blind men seated by the road as Jesus was passing by . They were blind men, obvious to all who cared to look at them.  Angrily the crowd shouted ‘Keep quiet’. How many times do people around us help to promote the ‘status quo’ by preventing us from asking for help.

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