Blessings in your sleep!

Psalm 127:2

Wow! I have read this scripture many times and some translations actually make it  read : ‘He gives his beloved sleep‘. KJV . I have used it in this way in the past to solve my temporary insomnia problems. It is wonderful to know that there is more to this verse.

I was thinking of the same scripture this afternoon and not  for any particular need. I’ve been doing some study on money and material possessions in the bible when this passage came to me . I decided to look it up in different translations and lo and behold,  it says in the Amplified version: ‘It is vain for you to rise up early, to take rest late, to eat the bread of [anxious] toil—for He gives [blessings] to His beloved in sleep’.

Sleep is very important to our development and we spend almost a third of our lives doing it. Isn’t  it a blessing to learn that in that time which some consider to be a waste, the creator is actually trying to convey ideas and solutions to us. He is trying to give us knowledge of witty inventions. What a wonderful realisation!

My bedtime can actually be a time I look forward to in order to receive blessings which could come in form of ideas, instructions, visions etc. He speaks to us in many and varieties of ways and it is great to learn something new today.

Countless biographies have told of how the ideas came to people while sleeping or  napping  or in dreams.  We should cherish the time we have when our wearied brains can be put to rest so that divine ideas can reach us and in time.

We do not have be knackered either before we decide to sleep. Whether you believe in the power of your subconscious or a supreme being, help is available to prevent unnecessary life of toiling.

The preceding verse is equally important as well, as it talks about  the help we need from above: ‘Except the Lord build a house, those who build do it in vain’.

Praise Him that he watches over you and blesses you in your sleep.

8 thoughts on “Blessings in your sleep!”

  1. I read your blog on “Blessings in your sleep” and I found the information given very interesting. It made me think of sleep in a whole different light.

  2. With Sleep, the weary soul gets nourished….Real sleep time is free and can bring about Intense spiritual enrichments..

    Thank you Kav,as “The very God of peace sanctify you wholly”.

  3. Wow… I’m a believer and I had never even thouht about this scripture that deeply. Seems pretty neat to read into that this way. How thankful am I for this portion. I’ve also been memorizing out of the ESV, “when you lie down your sleep will be sweet.” Seems to tie in.

  4. even though sleeping is not working i have found this article very interesting for i sometimes use to be having sleeping problem and with this information provided i feel thankful and it will help me to manage my sleeping time in accordance

    be blessed and keep working harder to get information that are qualitative

    until next time


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