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Stories showing the power of God

You can feed five thousand

Do you know that you can feed 5000? ‘How’? you ask, by being grateful for the little resource you have. You don’t have to wait for plenty before you stretch out your hand. The power to increase and to cause increase has been given to you by your creator. Before you were created He said ‘I want to make man in my image’. If the manufacturer has decided to make you in His image you can do whatever he can do because he empowered you. In fact the book says ‘I can do all things because he strengthens me’. What ever I imagine I can do. So the problem lies in ensuring that whatever I choose to do is for the benefit of mankind. Power will move in you as you serve mankind and it is important you don’t ignore yourself.fishes_23-2147516484

The story went like this: A young boy gave his lunch as a request was made for food for a crowd. How could a boy’s lunch feed 5000? The important thing is that the boy offered what he had, five loaves and two fishes. He did not rationalise and allow analysis to paralyse his thinking. He offered, the meal was received and thanksgiving was made for the meal. The miracle started as thanksgiving was being made for the meal. Not only were the 5000 fed but twelve baskets full were left over. The officers or disciples had already done the calculation and decided that there was not enough money to feed the crowd. In those days, only men are  counted so the miracle could have fed twice or three times that number of women and children. Continue reading You can feed five thousand

Walking by Faith

Faith means  believe it  before seeing the manifestation. It  is a conviction rather than a proof that something  exists. It  gives me access to the unlimited wisdom of the Creator and it  is sometimes interpreted believe. .In fact the Big  Book says ‘Without faith, it is impossible to please the Creator of the Universe’.

You are walking down an alley way and you cannot see the end, but you know there is an end.  You may also have seen the end but  not know how to get there. All you know is you’ve got to get to the end regardless of how you get there. Faith is taking the steps (blindly )in order to complete the journey because you are sure of your destination.

God is moved by faith and not   by our various sacrifices including fasting. To obey is better than sacrifice, submission is better than offering the fat of rams. Faith is about  being okay when all things may not be working the way you expect.

The bible is full of stories of people whose faith (belief/trust)  enabled them to accomplish great things..Abraham believed that he would be a father of nations even when he was told to sacrifice his son on the altar. Moses, through faith led the Israelites as God intended though he initially was reluctant because he was a stammerer.

Moses sent twelve spies to spy out the land of Canaan. Ten spies returned saying ‘the land is full of giants and we see ourselves  as grasshoppers’, two spies returned saying ‘we are able to take the land.’ The language of faith spoken by Joshua and Caleb ensured they were the  only adults who entered the promised land.

What promises or conviction have you had regarding various issues of your life.What are you doing about it? Have you allowed your analysis of your situation to paralyse you such that you are not able to progress? Whatever it is, help is at hand, engage God in your affairs.

How can my faith be increased you ask? All you need is faith like mustard seed. In order to walk effectively in faith, we need to confess the Word regularly. This is sometimes called affirmations. We need positive affirmations to build our faith. Our words are spirits and are effective if spoken.

I challenge you today to begin operating as someone who is indeed the architect of his life. The changes you desire are waiting to happen, it all depends on you.








More will be given

”To those who use well what they are given, or those who have even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, or have nothing even what little they have will be taken away” according to Matthew 25:29.  The story continued with ‘take the money from him and give it to the one with most money.  I particularly like this version because it mentions ‘use’. Many time this scripture has been read in the context of money but I believe it can be applied to anything in our possession including or talent. Yes it sounds harsh, how can the little that the servant possesses be taken away and given to the one that has already? Continue reading More will be given

‘If life gives you lemons,

make lemonades’

I have sometimes wondered what this means. Lemons are not sweet but lemonade is sweet. Life can be sometimes bitter, unpleasant experiences through people, circumstances can make us feel rejected and fed up.  If we allow the process from lemon to lemonade to take place, we can grow from and become a better person from that biter experience. The key is not allowing the negative experience take over our lives.

There is a beautiful story in the bible in the book of Ruth that illustrates this principle so well. ‘Do not call me Naomi (pleasant) but call me ‘Mara’ (Bitter) as life has dealt with me.’ Naomi cried, pulling the cloth over her face with aggression. ‘ I started with abundance but I am now destitute’ she continued. Naomi had lost her husband and 2 sons to famine. Life had become unbearable. She is now left with two daughters-in-law Continue reading ‘If life gives you lemons,

I am

‘ I am who I AM’ said the Creator to Moses in response to his question: ‘who should I say sent me’? tell them  ‘I am  sent  you’. he continued. He has no beginning and no end. God is saying to Moses, I am what you want me to be. I am your adequacy.  He was to remember that at all times, when he feels he can’t do ‘it’, all the power of the universe is with him to fulfill his given assignment. This is my name forever – Exodus 3;13-15

I am whatever you want me to be. What is it you want God to be to you? Do you feel you lack courage to carry on your life purpose, do you feel overwhelmed? He is supernatural. As beings  created in His image, we can be supernatural too. We can do extraordinary things by staying linked and in regular communion with our Creator. He has no limits.

Those who know His name put their trust in Him says the psalmist.

What do you want the Creator to be in your life?

Do you want Him to be

hands up

  • provider
  • financier
  • a guide
  • a shield
  • you everlasting arm
  • Wisdom


I want my sight

The Manufacturer’s manual is full of many stories that challenge our thinking and the norm. Many times We have heard or asked the question, ‘if there is a God, why is there so much suffering?’.  That question has bothered me a few times but  I know there is always an answer to every question if we dare to look for it.

‘Lord Son of David, Have mercy on us’ shouted two blind men seated by the road as Jesus was passing by . They were blind men, obvious to all who cared to look at them.  Angrily the crowd shouted ‘Keep quiet’. How many times do people around us help to promote the ‘status quo’ by preventing us from asking for help. Continue reading I want my sight

Prophet of my life.

I am reminded today of a story in the bible while having a conversation with someone.  He had been making declarations, confessions on his life regarding some changes he needs to see happen. ‘ I am wealthy’, he proclaimed loudly  .  ‘Your declarations are contrary to your reality’ said a friend.  The reason being that the present situation of  the one making the declaration does not  match what he’s saying.

This is the point of making declarations and it is a key point in manifesting the kind of life we want to see for ourselves.  We need to speak out  our belief and boldly.  Say it as you want it to be and not as it  is or has been is the key to changes.  Speak the changes you want to see manifested. As he narrated the mockery to me, I remembered a few stories in the BOOK. Continue reading Prophet of my life.

As you have spoken in my ears ..

so I will do to you.

I am reminded of a passage in Numbers 14 where Twelve spies were sent out to spy the land promised for occupation.  Ten of the spies brought back a bad report but the remaining two confessed that they are able to possess the land and brought the evidence of the fruit of the land. They also confessed that the land is a good land and flows with milk and honey. They encouraged the people by asking them not to fear the owners of the land, ‘the Lord is with us’

Your confession is your destiny. You attract what you confess Continue reading As you have spoken in my ears ..

Divine idea transforming destiny

I am reminded of a story in Genesis regarding the labour of love by Jacob for Rachel. The story is found in Gen :30:25-43. Jacob had worked for Laban for 14years and it was time for  Jacob to depart with his wives and children. Laban refused. Jacob entered in an agreement with Laban.

Laban removed all the speckled and spotted sheep,lamb and goats, put a distance between him and Jacob. Jacob was left with only the animals with slid colour.  He took rods of green poplar and almond and chestnut trees, peeled white strips in them and exposed the white which was in the rods. He set the rods before the flocks in the watering troughs where the flocks came to to drink. The flocks conceive before the rods and the flocks conceived streaked, speckled and spotted offsprings. Continue reading Divine idea transforming destiny