You can feed five thousand

Do you know that you can feed 5000? ‘How’? you ask, by being grateful for the little resource you have. You don’t have to wait for plenty before you stretch out your hand. The power to increase and to cause increase has been given to you by your creator. Before you were created He said ‘I want to make man in my image’. If the manufacturer has decided to make you in His image you can do whatever he can do because he empowered you. In fact the book says ‘I can do all things because he strengthens me’. What ever I imagine I can do. So the problem lies in ensuring that whatever I choose to do is for the benefit of mankind. Power will move in you as you serve mankind and it is important you don’t ignore yourself.fishes_23-2147516484

The story went like this: A young boy gave his lunch as a request was made for food for a crowd. How could a boy’s lunch feed 5000? The important thing is that the boy offered what he had, five loaves and two fishes. He did not rationalise and allow analysis to paralyse his thinking. He offered, the meal was received and thanksgiving was made for the meal. The miracle started as thanksgiving was being made for the meal. Not only were the 5000 fed but twelve baskets full were left over. The officers or disciples had already done the calculation and decided that there was not enough money to feed the crowd. In those days, only men are  counted so the miracle could have fed twice or three times that number of women and children.

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What do you have in your house?

Your blessings may be sitting right there in your home. That thing you need to move to the next level may be right within your reach but waiting to be discovered. There are many things within us or in our surrounding that can be the source of our enlargement. There may be something in your … Read more

Sound of abundance

What is abundance?  Abundance is having plenty, having more than enough such that you are  in a position to give away. It is having a large quantity of something. Somebody recently commented that the reason we re  blessed is that we can bless others after our own needs have been met. The book refers to … Read more

Walking by Faith

Faith means  believe it  before seeing the manifestation. It  is a conviction rather than a proof that something  exists. It  gives me access to the unlimited wisdom of the Creator and it  is sometimes interpreted believe. .In fact the Big  Book says ‘Without faith, it is impossible to please the Creator of the Universe’. You … Read more

Miracles happens in times of rest.

Jesus and the loaves multiplication. Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes when he asked the people to rest, Luke 9:16. It is a well known fact that we are more creative when fully rested and not when we are are striving. It is the reason many people love taking regular holidays. Endless busyness doesn’t always … Read more

Failure is an ally

animeHow could failure be a friend or ally when it proves you couldn’t achieve, you ask?. The seed for success lies in the failure you think you passed through and makes you feel less than you should be. Are you lying in the dust because of your failures? Rise up to the challenge of finding a different method of doing the same thing you failed at. You only failed because you did not apply the right method or process.

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Imagination leads to manifestation

Our imagination is a god given gift. Gen 11:6 ‘Whatever man imagines he can achieve’.  It is the ability to form a mental image of something not perceived with the natural senses.  Our minds are the factory where the reality of our purposes are established through the gift of imagination. ‘As a partaker of His divine nature’, we have been created for greatness and not mediocrity. The ability to create is through our imagination and it  should be fueled with excitement. What do we do to fuel our imagination? As your imagination mixes with excitement,  difficult circumstances regarding the issue diminishes or is eradicated, boldness to proceed with rise. Imagination enables us to be confident of a reality beyond our experience or perceptions.

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Faith is an act of imagination because you have not seen but yet you believe that it would happen. It  is vision in the spiritual realm.  Faith brings the unseen into the seen realm. Ask – Believe – Receive is the language of faith. Visualising or imagining the result is instrumental to receiving the answer. Do not visualise the problems or the obstacles. Do not speak  negative about desires.

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‘If life gives you lemons,

make lemonades’

I have sometimes wondered what this means. Lemons are not sweet but lemonade is sweet. Life can be sometimes bitter, unpleasant experiences through people, circumstances can make us feel rejected and fed up.  If we allow the process from lemon to lemonade to take place, we can grow from and become a better person from that biter experience. The key is not allowing the negative experience take over our lives.

There is a beautiful story in the bible in the book of Ruth that illustrates this principle so well. ‘Do not call me Naomi (pleasant) but call me ‘Mara’ (Bitter) as life has dealt with me.’ Naomi cried, pulling the cloth over her face with aggression. ‘ I started with abundance but I am now destitute’ she continued. Naomi had lost her husband and 2 sons to famine. Life had become unbearable. She is now left with two daughters-in-law

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Restores my soul

A restored soul is a prosperous soul. I want to explore the meaning of this statement here.

Moira is the first of 5 children. She was born when the parents were both students. It was obvious that she was planned for. She grew up timid, never wanting to venture into anything new. ‘Moira, can you take over the project for us’, asks her manager. ‘I don’t feel up to it ‘, she replied. She has all the qualifications and ability necessary for the project but she’s always putting herself down. Our mind collects evidences supporting our current belief.  Our perception of reality informs our behaviour. Life never promises to be fair all the time. We can with the help of the Creator change our circumstances by changing our beliefs.

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Ingratitude vaccine

A man woke up one wet morning  tired and still half awake, he tries to remember the dream. In the dream, ‘he was being inoculated’. ‘ A shot of gratitude for thanksgiving and gratefulness which will inoculate you against many diseases’ , diseases:  Greed Anger Pride Unforgiveness Entitlement Suspicion Bitterness Conceit Resentment Competition When we … Read more