Witty Inventions

How can I possess knowledge of witty inventions? Proverbs 8:12 says wisdom will give us knowledge of witty inventions. I believe this is the type of inventions that come to us by non textbook means. Witty means humorous, comic etc. This type of invention is also termed creative idea. It may not have been done this way before but it definitely will make sense when revealed to the world.

‘I wisdom dwell with prudence, I find out knowledge of witty inventions‘. Dwelling with prudence, being cautious, not acting hastily. Another version says Wisdom lives with insight and it acquires knowledge and foresight. So we need insight, knowledge and foresight. Wisdom acquires all these. Wisdom is also termed application of knowledge. Foresight is the ability to predict what will happen. It is also in a way linked to being cautious. I would also refer to as a discerning gift. Being able to discern good from bad decisions is very important in life.

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All of the Creator..

resides in Christ in bodily form. Colossians 2:8 LB. So I have all I need when I speak and listen to God. The word is ‘fellowship’. When you fellowship with someone, there is a two way communication taking place, giving and receiving. I need to draw nourishment from the source.

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The power of our imagination

On my last post, divine idea was given to Jacob which transformed his life.  A lot  has been written about our imagination and the use of  Vision boards which helps to put our ideas in visuals in visual form. The more we see something, the more we act the picture or the desire for the object seen grows strongly. It is also believed that imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

Gen 11:6 Nothing that  they propose to do or imagine will be withheld from them. What we continually dwell on will be realised eventually.  We need to change our thoughts or our inner dialogues in order not to be a victim of our imagination. Some people call this limiting beliefs. Negative thoughts are not all to blame but the negative thoughts becomes habit forming and actions results from them. The same will happen for positive actions. Positive imaginations will lead to positive actions in the long run. Even animals responded to vision board as illustrated by this story from the BOOK

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The secret is …

Christ and His glorious purpose for the world. God has accomplished so much in Christ. The scripture says : ‘Eye has not seen, nor ear heard. Nor have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love him but He has revealed them through His Spirit’ I Cor … Read more

Mind Transplant

It dawned on me recently that I need a mind transplant. The bible talks about renewing my mind.   Roman 12:1-3  I also have heard that that there are 2 aspects to our mind: the conscious and the unconscious. So why do I need to have to have my mind transformed or renewed as the case may be?

  • I can think like the creator
  • Helps me to put off the doubts, hurts, biases, sin, bitterness, rebellion etc.
  • I  would be more fruitful
  • I can have the mind of Christ  1 cor 2:16
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What are you saying?

Indeed What are you saying with your mouth. A lot has been written about the effect of our words and our thoughts and many are not convinced that this is biblical. Today I want to investigate some of this from the scriptures. And there are a lot but not all wilt of l be covered … Read more

He leads me on the path of righteousness

Many people get rattled by this word righteousness. There is nothing to be worried about. It simply means right standing, morally right, good, upright, justified. If someone is leading me in the right path I sure should be grateful especially if he is my creature. As he speaks, I listen. As I speak he also … Read more

Father, thank you for hearing me

A man had died for days. Despite informing Jesus of the death, he did not go straightaway. When he eventually got there, people were already crying and lost hope because the dead had been in the morgue for 4days. When he got there , he did not pray long prayers. All he said was “Father … Read more

Rejoice in Adversity

My last post discussed briefly the reason for thanking God in the face of problems. There is a seed of equivalent benefit in every Adversity. When unpleasant things happen, we receive it with joy expecting that it’s happened for a reason and that something of great benefit can come out of the negative situation. By … Read more

I will fight for you

‘You will not need to fight in this battle, take your position, stand still  and see the deliverance of the Lord’ 2 Chronicles 20:17. ‘Fear not, be not dismayed. Go out against them.’ What battles are you facing?  What fears are you reluctant to voice out but is slowly eating you up?  Remember the definition … Read more