Employ God

What do I mean by employing God you ask? Engage God or your Creator in all the affairs of your life. In order to employ or engage someone, you need to speak and listen  to them.
God is everywhere, omnipresent and knows all things. He is in everyone who is prepared to accept Him into their lives. He is waiting for us to MAKE UP OUR MINDS as to His next assignment which He is dead-keen, anxious to manifest for us, and more than capable of doing so. That’s what pleases him. He can only do stuff for us if we ask or allow him to do so. Many times we have this notion that God will do….regardless. remember He gave you a free will and will not interfere in your life without your permission.

How do you engage your Creator?

  • Ask and it shall be given.
  • Knock and the door to your opportunities will be opened.
  • Seek and you will find.

You may call these steps anything, some people call it praying. Whatever it ‘s called doesn’t matter. You are speaking to your Creator and He will respond.  Give the Supreme Creator something to work on.   It could be as simple as asking Him to open doors of  opportunity for you. When those doors of opportunity arise, don’t forget to be a blessing to someone.  What ever you need ask, if the answer doesn’t show up straightaway, thank Him for the answer ! Believe you receive is the language of the spiritual world.

Just ask for big things too! He is unlimited. Please ask, he is waiting to hear from you. Employ Him, engage Him. He wants a job too, that’s why He is there within you…Take a walk down your street. Get the feeling that you and He are all that you see. For you ARE! Look at every blade of grass or pebble or birds, just look at anything and feel His Presence in it, listen closely and hear Him saying to you “Hey dude, here I AM, If you believe in Me as I believe in you, then give me something to do. You are boss!


Just ask for it!
Then get out of the way. That means you! Go dance around the house or street  knowing that you have the best creator of everything doing the work of bringing the desired to you. Just enjoy the feeling that it already is and a present is being wrapped, boxed and ribboned and is due any moment. After all he lives in you and you can commune with Him anytime. But we don’t treat Him as though He lives in us. We treat the creator as though he lives many miles away and unreachable. Well in the big book Jesus said’ when I  leave, I will send The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is JesusUnltd. Here I talked about what  our Creator  wants to be in our lives.

Doubt is not an option, that‘s just interfering with the greatest expert of everything to see if HE/SHE is doing it ok…”Just checking, once in a while…you know” Butt out!
Stop stopping Him/Her from doing the job …he wants to do.
Would you run a business that way? Interfering to offer amateurish suggestions, to an expert? Changing the job midstream, How long would it take to actually get the job done? What would it look like with all the changes you made ? Better?
This is a GOD who gave you the entire Universe to play in. Play with Him! It’s fun!
Let’s thank Him for residing inside us.

10 thoughts on “Employ God

  1. Hi Kav
    Reading your article could not have come at better time that today.

    It is really God-sent, and I am filled with tears. Prior to reading your article, I felt alone, depressed and really defeated to say the least.

    It has taken your article to make me smile and realize that HE has never left me and that HE is always there. I need to Ask and ENgage with him. It’s my free will and even better as you said, its my playground.

    Why not ask HIM to come play, he will never say no.

    God Bless you for an inspirational article.

    All of the best to you and your family.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Roopesh

      I felt like crying too when I read your comment.

      We never truly know how we can affect people’s lives by being obedient in small things.

      Thanks so much for taking time to read and remain blessed!

      He is with you always.


  2. Hello,
    Very instructive, now I know that is Employ God. I had never read about this theme. After reading your review, I realized that be happy and take peace I will put your post my bookmarks
    Thank you
    I will put your post my bookmarks
    Have a nice day and good luck

  3. God is the creator of all living and His desire is to not only connect with us but for us to have a relationship with Him and this can only happen by spending time in His word and prayer. When we read the bible we see examples of this every where, It is amazing to know that the creator of the universe desire for us to know Him. I believe that If the world can only catch this revelation and move in it then the many illls that we face will be taken away. Thanks again for sharing all the best to you.

  4. Well-timed article! It’s so easy to make demands of God or get mad at Him for not doing what you want. What I want is not always what happens. It is in due time for my prayers to be answered.

    Thank you for focusing on the thoughts that God is here always and we are never abandoned.

  5. I couldn’t agree more than what you said thru this entire post. Great job.
    I do agree with you, He is everywhere patiently waiting for us. We are the ones that have to come to our senses. He is God and we are not.
    I begin my prayers each day just prior to me feet hitting the floor as I run off to the bathroom and I continue to pray throughout the day. At night prior to falling asleep, I finish the day with prayer. Sometimes during the day it can be tough to think of Him first and foremost. Do you have that problem as well? When do you think is the best time for prayer for you?

    1. HI Bobby

      Good question. I really don’t think that there is a best time to pray to God. He is in us through His Holy Spirit. I pray anytime I feel like. I don’t fell restricted to any particular time or place. Some say it’s good to have a routine. That doesn’t work for me. I wonder if I’m weird?

      Thanks for your contribution.


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