Failure is an ally

animeHow could failure be a friend or ally when it proves you couldn’t achieve, you ask?. The seed for success lies in the failure you think you passed through and makes you feel less than you should be. Are you lying in the dust because of your failures? Rise up to the challenge of finding a different method of doing the same thing you failed at. You only failed because you did not apply the right method or process.

The big book, ‘Bible’ is full of stories of men who failed and yet were held as champions of their time. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • When Abraham should have stayed in the land and trusted the Lord, he fled to Egypt because of the drought. And this was by no means the last of Abraham’s failures.
  • Moses, in trying to help his people, ran ahead of the Lord and killed the Egyptian. Later, against the command of God, he struck the rock in his anger.
  • When David should have been out in the field of battle, he stayed home and committed adultery with Bathsheba and then plotted the murder of her husband.
  • Peter, in spite of his self-confidence and his great boast, denied the Lord, as did the rest of the disciples who fled before the evening our Lord’s arrest was over.

The lessons here is repent and move forward.

It doesn’t mean that you have to fail to become successful either. Failure teaches what works and what doesn’t. Your understanding of the difference is what makes you move forward. Mark and Robert were meant to attend a conference together but couldn’t go together. They decided to meet at the venue. Mark said ‘I will traveled by car’ and had a lot of stoppages due to car problems and inability to follow the GPRS. Robert chose to travel by train and got  there on time. Who do you think will remember the route better if they are asked tore do the journey, traveling by road ? Mark of course. As Thomas Edison once said ‘I haven’t  failed, I just found 10000 ways that didn’t  work’. Today we are told if it hasn’t worked ditch it.

The fear of failure has paralysed many people and prevented them from moving forward. Decide today to see failure in a different light. Failure is an opportunity for change. ‘If there’s a way to do it better find it’. Your greatest weakness may be in giving up. Your success is waiting for another trial from you. We need to learn to Tolerating failure:If you don’t fail then then you are probably not trying hard enough, the question is how much and how fast you can learn from failure

10 thoughts on “Failure is an ally”

  1. I’ve proven this time and again in my life. After being frustrated with many things I’ve failed at, I started taking a step back to realize, “you know what”, if I didn’t failed ant (x), then I would’ve never been exposed to (y), and (y) turned out to be so much more rewarding.

    Mistakes are experiences to learn from, it’s when you continually repeat this that it becomes madness. Learn from the examples in the good book, repent and move forward.

    Great work and I wish you all the best.

  2. It is true that failure is a better teacher than success. Failure pushes you. It is up to you to decide whether it pushes you closer to success or despair. Your attitude will determine whether a failure is a road block or a stepping stone.


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