Father, thank you for hearing me

A man had died for days. Despite informing Jesus of the death, he did not go straightaway. When he eventually got there, people were already crying and lost hope because the dead had been in the morgue for 4days.

When he got there , he did not pray long prayers. All he said was “Father I thank you for hearing me”. He then gave a command for Lazarus to come out. Lazarus came out.

What is the Lazarus in your life, that situation that ‘stinketh’ and looks like a done deal .  You have learned to live with it even though you wish it could change.

Today the master says “Come out” of it. As you believe and confess your life is seeing a change and transformation.

Even the Son of God had to be grateful and acknowledge Him for the situation to change.  He says in his word that we can do more than he did.  I believe it and it shall be done unto me.

3 thoughts on “Father, thank you for hearing me”

  1. Waiting for a situation to change is always a big challenge and requires faith. This is a wonderful analogy to the story of Lazarus. Thanks holla

  2. I have read your message, this really true what you have just mentioned. Lazarus has a lot of meanings for us, as we are serving the God of miracles nothing is impossible to God, the problem may seem impossible to be solve, but God will make a way where the seems to be no way, he works in a way we can not see , but for this to be happened in our lives we need to trust, believe and obey to God’s words. SO we can see his power be manifested in our lives, because is God of yesterday, today and tomorrow his change is not, is power is the same his the almighty God.


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