He leads me on the path of righteousness

Many people get rattled by this word righteousness. There is nothing to be worried about. It simply means right standing, morally right, good, upright, justified. If someone is leading me in the right path I sure should be grateful especially if he is my creature. As he speaks, I listen. As I speak he also listens.

The only problem is ‘Am I following’ the ‘Chief Navigator’? Can I hear correctly and see clearly where I am being directed to follow. We all have the opportunity to follow without taking detours or diversions. There are lots of daily distractions that prevents us from arriving at our destinations on time and accurately.


Some could be your biases and prejudices, previous knowledge and past experiences. Sometimes we have to silence the inner voice to prevent distractions. Sometimes we have to say no to fears and determine to do or go where we may never thought possible.


I think at this point, I need to say thank you to my navigator, God through his Son Jesus (the Lord our righteousness).

I also need to daily ask for the grace to listen right and the grace to see clearly. I also need the grace to discern the people he brings my way and the message they may be carrying. As I acknowledege him, he directs my path, Proverbs 3:6 and restores my soul when troubled. He also promises to guide me with His own eye.


It also says he’s leading me

for His name’s sake.

His reputation is also at stake. There it is important I am doing all the above to ensure His reputation is intact. I will discuss the various ways of ensuring we follow the right path. This will also depend on individual beliefs and preferences.

It is important to point out that we do not and cannot earn righteousness. It is a gift through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Once made righteousness we should have the capability to ‘do right’ as long as we are following! We are sheep while he is the shepherd. If we hear the voice of the shepherd we would be let right. We need to be in fellowship so we can hear the Voice.

4 thoughts on “He leads me on the path of righteousness”

  1. I love your website which i believe is or will be and inspiration to many. I to am a christian myself and believe in The Almighty God. There is none like Him and He is so wonderful, His grace and mercy is so sweet words cannot explain and just to think He has prepared a home in glory for all who put their trust in Him. God bless you and all the best to you with your online business.

  2. I really found this inspiring and motivating.I liked the way you have trusted your faith in god.It is a really a good way to connect with you soul and find inner peace within yourself.
    I do meditate and think about god and the way he intends things to be the way it is and it does make me feel much better even during my worse days.


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