I am

‘ I am who I AM’ said the Creator to Moses in response to his question: ‘who should I say sent me’? tell them  ‘I am  sent  you’. he continued. He has no beginning and no end. God is saying to Moses, I am what you want me to be. I am your adequacy.  He was to remember that at all times, when he feels he can’t do ‘it’, all the power of the universe is with him to fulfill his given assignment. This is my name forever – Exodus 3;13-15

I am whatever you want me to be. What is it you want God to be to you? Do you feel you lack courage to carry on your life purpose, do you feel overwhelmed? He is supernatural. As beings  created in His image, we can be supernatural too. We can do extraordinary things by staying linked and in regular communion with our Creator. He has no limits.

Those who know His name put their trust in Him says the psalmist.

What do you want the Creator to be in your life?

Do you want Him to be

hands up

  • provider
  • financier
  • a guide
  • a shield
  • you everlasting arm
  • Wisdom


6 thoughts on “I am”

  1. How Blessed I feel to have found this site. I had just given praise to the Lord when our paths crossed on the www. Just love the calming influence it projects and your spiritual reflections. Keep up the good work. Be Blessed.

  2. Hello kavinah, as God says: “I am that, I am. Look around you and you will see God, because God is All, the Alpha and the Omega. There is nothing ruled out and everything is possible, Loes

  3. Discussing religion is always difficult but speaking about God is a lot easier, we just have to look at the make-up of the universe to wonder.I have been researching plants and herbs-the garden of eden- we have everything we need only if we would learn, listen and obey.Keeping the faith and trusting is the life-line to peace, happiness and strength to endure.i don’t want to sound like a preacher man. Keep the FAITH. Blessings.


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