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In order to listen to someone, you’ve got to make time for them. The bible says God is a Spirit  and whoever must worship him must worship him in Spirit and Truth. You ask ‘how do I worship in Spirit and Truth’. He lives inside you by His Spirit. You can communicate with Him anytime not just in church.

We can learn to hear His voice as this video clearly explains:

  • Set time to meet your creator
  • Choose an appropriate place
  • Don’t miss appointments with your creator
  • Find a comfortable place
  • Be still & worship to prepare your heart
  • You can pray and read scriptures
  • Meditate on scriptures
  • Have a journal, listen and write
  • Write what you think God is saying as you read and pray

These do not have to be followed in the order specified but it gives a general guideline in developing a hearing heart.
Set time to meet your Creator is sometimes called ‘quiet time, personal devotion, daily devotion, appointment with God‘. There is no hard and fast rule about this . It could be anytime in the daytime you set aside to speak and listen to your Creator. It could also be any place convenient . It is your time of fellowship with your Creator and you want to cherish it as such. It is time you want to dedicate to hearing Him speak to you. Do not have selective hearing.

It is a good idea to start with worship or praise songs or you may decide to just be quiet. It is a time of growth as you get to know, love and serve your Creator. Do you know that the Creator of the Universe created you to have relationship with Him? ‘And for His pleasure we were created’ Rev 4:11. This is why Christianity is not a religion but a relationship.

Our relationship with our Creator is made possible through the cross. As the History book narrated, our sin through Adam & Eve separated mankind from God. He came up with a master plan to reconcile mankind to Himself. He came down in human form  to take our sin upon himself on the cross. The  death of that  human on the cross brought reconciliation between man and his  Creator. That relationship is accepted by faith in Jesus Christ. While on earth, he practiced ‘quiet time’ with God and showed us some examples. In one instance, ‘he went out into the mountains to pray and prayed all night’ Luke 6:12.
We really do not have any excuse in learning to spend time with God. we are only limited by our time and our imagination.

4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice

4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice
GUARANTEED to teach you to hear God’s voice!

As you follow through with the list above you will see and experience transformation. The list above is not exhaustive and you may have other ways to meet with your Creator. The important is that you start and that sometimes is the most difficult. It is truly an experience to be cherished.

4 thoughts on “Listen to your Creator”

  1. Thank you for spreading this important information! I really liked Robert Morris’ video and have recently been working on implementing these methods of drawing closer to God and being more consistent in devotions and quiet time as well. I find that you are correct in stating the importance of actually setting and prioritizing a time because that is one of the most effective ways to make sure we really do what we know we should.

    • Hi Jamie

      I’m glad you agree . I’m please to know that you’ve been thinking of being more consistent in your relationship with God.

  2. Divine reflection balances us in this world … “man does not live by bread alone.”
    Too many folks are not at peace, or quiet enough within themselves to appreciate the soulful whisperings of the universal creator.
    I agree with you that we need to make time for quiet, introspective moments that allow us to be centered and receptive to what the universe is telling us.


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