Mind Transplant

It dawned on me recently that I need a mind transplant. The bible talks about renewing my mind.   Roman 12:1-3  I also have heard that that there are 2 aspects to our mind: the conscious and the unconscious. So why do I need to have to have my mind transformed or renewed as the case may be?

  • I can think like the creator
  • Helps me to put off the doubts, hurts, biases, sin, bitterness, rebellion etc.
  • I  would be more fruitful
  • I can have the mind of Christ  1 cor 2:16

It requires work, first I need to believe that the bible is the word of God I need to commit to read, study, meditate and do what it says Speaking God’s word in prayer is very important Listening to what he has to say about my situation is also necessary for renewal. Interacting with other like-minded people helps a lot as iron sharpens Iron.

The mind is an asset the creator, our God has blessed us with and we need to learn how to use it to our benefit.  Meditation  is a vital key to getting the mind transformed. I don’t mean emptying the mind but getting the mind filled with life transforming scriptures and speaking them out. Meditation is a subject for another post.

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