Father, thank you for hearing me

A man had died for days. Despite informing Jesus of the death, he did not go straightaway. When he eventually got there, people were already crying and lost hope because the dead had been in the morgue for 4days. When he got there , he did not pray long prayers. All he said was “Father … Read more

Rejoice in Adversity

My last post discussed briefly the reason for thanking God in the face of problems. There is a seed of equivalent benefit in every Adversity. When unpleasant things happen, we receive it with joy expecting that it’s happened for a reason and that something of great benefit can come out of the negative situation. By … Read more

I will fight for you

‘You will not need to fight in this battle, take your position, stand still  and see the deliverance of the Lord’ 2 Chronicles 20:17. ‘Fear not, be not dismayed. Go out against them.’ What battles are you facing?  What fears are you reluctant to voice out but is slowly eating you up?  Remember the definition … Read more

I receive hence I’m grateful

Should I also be grateful when I have not received?  The answer is clearly yes. I am expectant therefore I am saying thank you for that which I am expecting. ‘Expectation is the mother of manifestations’ as the saying goes. As the scriptures says ‘as they have spoken, so i will perform’.  If we grumble … Read more

I believe so I act!

First if we believe the promises of God in the bible, we should be doing more of praising than asking. We need to ask ourselves whether we actually read the Book enough to accept  the teachings and apply them.  If we believe them we will apply and if we apply we are accepting and believing … Read more

Gratitude according to the best seller

Gratitude is an expression of appreciation of what one has. If we are grateful for what we have already have then we are creating room for more. It’s a case of half full not half empty. We are not to focus on what we don’t have but on what we already have. So in a … Read more

Why thankgiving?

Today I want to look at a scripture that sometimes challenges me. That scripture is taken from the the book of Philippians: Do   not  be anxious for  anything  but  with   prayer,   supplication   and thanksgiving, let your request  be made known to Him. Philippians 4:6 This verse is encouraging us to ask in prayer, … Read more