hands upOne cold morning, I was walking to the station, feeling the cold wind in my ears and I heard the words ‘praise fast‘. I inquired further by even asking some trusted friends. No one had ever heard the words.

The meaning later dawned on me. Just as we fast by not taking food or fast by drinking water only or juice only, I was to give my Creator a a concentrated time of praise asking for nothing but  just praising Him for who He is. Many times we say ‘Praise God’ without thinking of the meaning.

  • Praise is to speak highly of someone, eulogize, honour in words, pay tribute.
  • It can also mean giving thanks.
  • It is an act of faith

How can I praise‘ , you ask? find portions of the word that speaks about His greatness, majesty, creative abilities, just, loving, faithfulness, forgiveness, provider, healer and these are just some of His attributes. It does not have to be for long periods but once it becomes an habit, you do it without thinking about  it.

If you find it difficult to do this, turn to ‘you tube’, there are many praise anthems that you can sing along to.

It is one major act we would be required to perform in heaven for those who believe in it.

Sacrifice of bulls and goats are no longer required but the sacrifice of our lips. It is our modern day sacrifice to our Father- Hallelujah!

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