Prophet of my life.

I am reminded today of a story in the bible while having a conversation with someone.  He had been making declarations, confessions on his life regarding some changes he needs to see happen. ‘ I am wealthy’, he proclaimed loudly  .  ‘Your declarations are contrary to your reality’ said a friend.  The reason being that the present situation of  the one making the declaration does not  match what he’s saying.

This is the point of making declarations and it is a key point in manifesting the kind of life we want to see for ourselves.  We need to speak out  our belief and boldly.  Say it as you want it to be and not as it  is or has been is the key to changes.  Speak the changes you want to see manifested. As he narrated the mockery to me, I remembered a few stories in the BOOK.

Even the Creator spoke  life into being in the midst of chaos.  ‘Let there be light’.  He calls those things which do not exist as though they did. We are called to be emulators. We are also instructed to speak those things into being which do not already exist. He even says His name is ‘I am’. That means I am whatever you want me to be. Unfortunately  we only love reading the BOOK but few know that it only becomes alive when we speak. As it is often said, ‘a closed mouth cannot be fed’.  ‘A closed mouth is a closed destiny’.  As I write this I feel I am speaking new truths to myself. I need to use my mouth more.

As I hear I speak. As I speak  I see changes. It may not be instant but it will surely come. Many books, tapes, seminar have been produced on this subject, yet many of us are yet to learn.  Is is doubt or unbelief preventing us from acting on this truth? Whatever it takes, changes only come by taking action. This is sometimes called ‘manifesting’.

Once upon a time, there was famine. ‘This time tomorrow there would be increase’  said a  prophet .   Some doubters made fun of the statement. ‘You will see it and not partake of it’ he declared. So it was they saw plenty as the prophet declared but they partook not. May that not be our lot. As a prophet of my life I speak and see positive things happening in  my life.

Declarations are easy to do and can be made by  personalizing scriptures or  make up your positive words which you repeat to yourself regularly. This is not limited to religious people. Speaking to ourselves has been proven to have significant effects and resulted in positive changes. Start your today.



6 thoughts on “Prophet of my life.”

  1. This goes along with the very basics which are faith and trust. The older I get, the stronger my faith is, Also, the more I am able to rest in trusting the Lord. I am not so much about making things happen as I am in trusting that the Lord is going to lead me in the direction I need to go. This is a beautiful site. Thank you for this.

    • Hi Glenda
      I know what you mean. We need to learn to trust but I believe there are actions the Lord expects from us even as we wait on him. Thanks for dropping by. look forward to your next visit. Kav.

  2. God’s principles are permanently in place and when applied with His word will produce the result God intended for it. If we recall the heavens and earth came to be by the word of God and as His children bought by the blood of Jesus can only benefit if we emulate the God we serve.

    Am loving this!!

    • Grace, thanks for your comment. Heaven and earth did appear through His words and we are meant to emulate Him.
      Do visit again.

  3. Your perception is your reality. You can make what you want happen if you have faith and keep moving forward.Some things that happen are out of our control and are things that we may never have envisioned or would want, but it is all how we react to these times that make a difference. Keeping positive is not always easy but with enough faith we can make it through a tough time. We need to speak our belief,as you say and it is easier when you believe you can achieveyour goal. However I think this can be a double edged sword, where people make their own beliefs become their God, forgetting where their blessings come from. They become so full of their own importance that they become tyrants who demand everyone bend to their will so they can achieve their own goal. The Lord wants you to be successful in all ventures but not at the expense of another’s pain or misfortune, which is sometimes a byproduct of success. It is all a matter of perception, a the “book” is a very good guide. Thank you for a very insightful website.

    • Hi Diana

      Thank you for your great response.

      I like the bit where you said ‘this can be a double edged sword’, it’s very easy to forget where the blessings come as you mentioned.

      We have to keep out eyes on the manual and the manufacturer.



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