Restores my soul

A restored soul is a prosperous soul. I want to explore the meaning of this statement here.

Moira is the first of 5 children. She was born when the parents were both students. It was obvious that she was planned for. She grew up timid, never wanting to venture into anything new. ‘Moira, can you take over the project for us’, asks her manager. ‘I don’t feel up to it ‘, she replied. She has all the qualifications and ability necessary for the project but she’s always putting herself down. Our mind collects evidences supporting our current belief.  Our perception of reality informs our behaviour. Life never promises to be fair all the time. We can with the help of the Creator change our circumstances by changing our beliefs.

Self Limiting beliefs are exactly what they are called – ‘limiting’. They are thoughts we have treasured because they keep us safe within our comfort  zone. We always live a life of caution. Being cautious is necessary in life but can also be a problem as the root could be fear.  They may be thoughts about ourselves, others or the world around us. They have been formed through experience, education, fear, irrational logic, excuse.

Examples are :’I can’t take that much risk‘. ‘I don’t have what it takes‘, ‘I am too old‘, ‘I am not ready‘, ‘I don’t have the required skills‘, are just some the things we tell ourselves in order to keep locked in and not venture out.

It is important to distinguish between these beliefs and real weakness or lack of knowledge. I may not have some skills required because I have not learnt  them. I cannot perform surgery as I have not studied medicine. Self limiting belief is ‘I cannot learn medicine or  can’t ever be doctor’. We should be able to differentiate between these.

So , how do I get rid of these ‘self-limiting beliefs:

  • Accept that you have them
  • Identify them
  • Find the source
  • Refuse to blame others
  • Plan to acquire new skills
  • Visualise a new you.  ‘As a man thinketh so is heproverbs 23:6
  • Repeat scriptures to yourself or make your own affirmations

It is important to note that these beliefs have been in existence for long and will not disappear overnight. It requires consistency but is is possible to get it of them. Our fellowship with our creator should restore our image and personality. ‘He wishes that we prosper as our soul prospers‘. He promises to restore your soul. Let’s thank Him for the promise. Your will be done in my life.








6 thoughts on “Restores my soul”

  1. Hello here, thanks for inspiring read. I think that we all need inspirations, when something goes wrong or our expectations disappear as fog when sun shows up.
    being positive, believing in ourselves and God, can change our view and understanding how everything goes in this life.
    Prayers help us too, when we do not see light in our journey. When we believe in ourselves, somehow everything solves in favour for us. When we are patient and trust to Higher Power, we calm down and things start to turn in a beneficial way for us.
    All the best to you, thanks for information, Nemira.

  2. I can relate to this story. For many years I felt limited to where I was in life. It can be very hard to venture outside of your comfort zone.
    The fear of making mistakes or being criticized were the thinks that have held me back the most. I find it helpful to visualize where I want to be in life and think about what really matters to me.
    It helps me move forward. Even if they’re baby steps, they’re steps none the less!
    Not one of us is perfect but we are all precious to God!

  3. All I can say is truly wow, this is too awesome, whenever I come to websites like this, I just have to stop from my busy stressful and ask God to guidance me further and give me the strength to keep up with changes here and there.

    The Joy of the Lord is My Strength, it is He who will restore my soul just as in the same was the Great King of Israel David back in the years ago before Christ came and paid the complete redemption of all our sins.

    What a Loving God we serve.

    I shall pass around your website to those of my Christian friends, I am sure many would feel more better in spirit getting closer to God for comfort at this time.

    And may we ever more work together praying to God to ask deliverance for the demonic power of depression that has enslaved the whole world in utter chaos and suffering.

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    P.S. – Which missionary broadcast stations or people you would recommend I get to know and learn about their ministry? 🙂 I feel like I am called for it myself now and I would feel more empowered to fill myself with sermons of God’s Grace.


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