Imagination leads to manifestation

Our imagination is a god given gift. Gen 11:6 ‘Whatever man imagines he can achieve’.  It is the ability to form a mental image of something not perceived with the natural senses.  Our minds are the factory where the reality of our purposes are established through the gift of imagination. ‘As a partaker of His divine nature’, we have been created for greatness and not mediocrity. The ability to create is through our imagination and it  should be fueled with excitement. What do we do to fuel our imagination? As your imagination mixes with excitement,  difficult circumstances regarding the issue diminishes or is eradicated, boldness to proceed with rise. Imagination enables us to be confident of a reality beyond our experience or perceptions.

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Faith is an act of imagination because you have not seen but yet you believe that it would happen. It  is vision in the spiritual realm.  Faith brings the unseen into the seen realm. Ask – Believe – Receive is the language of faith. Visualising or imagining the result is instrumental to receiving the answer. Do not visualise the problems or the obstacles. Do not speak  negative about desires.

What is so important about Faith? Without Faith, it is impossible to please God, whoever comes to Him must believe that He is who he says he is and a re warder of those who please Him.  The David and Goliath story illustrates the faith principle so well. David’ s past experiences and deliverance from dangerous situations was enough for him to put down Goliath. ‘Who is this uncircumcised philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God’ said David at the 40 day taunts that no one was able to respond to.

If the invisible world (unseen realm) is more real than the visible, what we see and feel with our senses are temporal. Imagination and confession are keys to drawing from the invisible. When we understand how to transcend the unseen world, living in the seen would be be easy. Dream big.  ‘The person with big dreams is more important than the one with facts‘ – Albert Einstein. Form a clear mental picture of what you want to become, don’t force it but gently relax into it and keep it  before you daily at waking and at retiring.

In conclusion, let’s learn to use our imagination, dream big.  Do you have a revelation of what you can become but can’t see it with your natural eyes, use the power of your imagination.  Through it , God’s purpose for your life can be manifested. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Thank your ‘Creator’ for the gift of imagination.

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  1. I think you will find this an interesting watch or alternatively you can read the book…The secret, law of attraction.

    I agree with almost everything you have said. Imagination is how we have evolved, to think the unthinkable, to imagine we can fly, so man created planes, to travel to the moon, man created spaceships. Everything has a vibration, particles are constantly moving, this is all part of how the universe works. Our thoughts have vibrations, what we channel into the universe, is what we will attract.

    Think positive and the worlds your oyster!


  2. Hi,

    I love the message of using the imagination. Part of the reason I am with WA and doing what I’m doing now is an attempt to do exactly what you have written.

    I have a little different take on the meaning of the word faith.

    I believe Faith is Hope’s big sister. Faith without works is dead. Faith does the work and takes the action that Hope believes in.

    Good job.


  3. Good post, though Christianity is not my path.

    I think we can find similar quotes in nearly every world religion including Buddhism, Sufism, etc.

    Your post also reminded me of JRR Tolkien who believed in something similar to what you’ve written in that Man is the sub-creator and the so-called works of fiction in turn can be seen as a sub-creative reality that we shape with our thoughts, attitudes, and feelings.

    Feeling thankful for the results as if they already manifested is also another example of faith. Like the faith of the mustard seed parable.

    • Thanks Ian for taking time to comment on my post.

      I totally agree with all especially the last statement being thankful is an expression of faith.


  4. Great post! Imagination is the key to growth. Transcendence occurs when imagination climbs the cliffs of reality, producing an even road in jagged lands. What I really like most about this post is how you have made it inspirational to many different creeds and philosophies, while holding on to your own. I’m glad I came here.

  5. This is such a powerful article. I believe that nothing can be achieved unless it is first imagined and then manifested through belief.
    I really like where you emphasize, that instead of focusing on the problems and obstacles that get in the way of achieving what we desire, we need to focus on the outcome that we truly wish for.
    I am always encouraging my children to use their imaginations as well.
    Thanks for this lovely post.

  6. I agree that imagination certainly leads to manifestation because some of the most successful people in this world all have imagination. 🙂

    I do believe that faith and self-belief also play important roles. Having big dreams, having imagination and taking small actionable steps each day will eventually lead to what we want.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Neil

      I totally agree with you and especially with ‘taking small actionable steps’. This is where majority of the human race including me fall apart. We have the imagination but don’t take corresponding action.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  7. This is a really eye-opening article. I never thought about using imagination to manifest. I agree that faith is important, but sometimes it’s hard to trust God when we can’t see the results – but I know we can still try. I will certainly keep your advice in mind. Thank you for this inspiring message.

  8. I would say without imagination no one would be able to survive for long in this world. Imagination is the cozy escape from hardships of life. That’s the shelter of faith and beliefs. How would you be able to believe if you could not imagine the positive outcome of a specific situation? Impossible.That’s what distinguishes people from animals. However, I am sure animals have something like that as well. Otherwise, how would dogs have dreams? For example, sometimes my poodle chases rabbits in his sleep – I can see that he experiences a multitude of emotions in times like that. If a dog’s brain didn’t have some sort of abstract thinking features, he would not be able to have a dream, which is purely an abstract phenomena.

    • Hi Margarita

      Wow. You’ve given me something to think about with your wonderful comment especially the bit about dogs having dream life. We do indeed need to imagine outcomes.

      Our imagination is powerful that even our Creator aknowledges that whatever we can imagine we can do.

  9. Hello Kav,

    I enjoyed your post. I can see how an imagination can be the seed of manifestations and I pray the they who imagine are born of God. Some imaginations are not of God as you pointed out in the book of Gen. Gen 11:6.

    I get my best direction from God when I’m silent and listing than when I’ chattering and begging for what I want.

    God can use our imaginations to achieve His will which is to make the World a place of peace and love.

    That’s how I know when it’s of God.

    Thank you for your post!

    F.BB. Clem

    • Hi Forest

      Thank you for your comment especialy differentiating between good and evil imagination.

      God gives us a choice between good or evil.

      I hope and wish that all is creation choose good always but that is not the case.

  10. Hi,
    I enjoyed reading your article. I am constantly reading self help book and the emphasis is always on thought and imagination first. It is true every great idea started with a thought or imagination and the belief in your thought or imagination is what will make it happen. May I also recommend a book called ‘The power of positive thinking’?


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