The power of our imagination

On my last post, divine idea was given to Jacob which transformed his life.  A lot  has been written about our imagination and the use of  Vision boards which helps to put our ideas in visuals in visual form. The more we see something, the more we act the picture or the desire for the object seen grows strongly. It is also believed that imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

Gen 11:6 Nothing that  they propose to do or imagine will be withheld from them. What we continually dwell on will be realised eventually.  We need to change our thoughts or our inner dialogues in order not to be a victim of our imagination. Some people call this limiting beliefs. Negative thoughts are not all to blame but the negative thoughts becomes habit forming and actions results from them. The same will happen for positive actions. Positive imaginations will lead to positive actions in the long run. Even animals responded to vision board as illustrated by this story from the BOOK

This is why the constitution (bible) stresses on renewing the mind. Our minds have to be renewed to come in line with what the new birth has provided for us. We have been translated from darkness to light. We should be living in a new kingdom, ‘His kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ should be our daily prayer and realisation.  We cannot be a partaker of a kingdom we know little about.

Only by speaking and listening to someone do we know his purposes and intentions. There are so many faith based stories in the bible which encourages and enables us to know that whatever happens we are more than a conqueror. The presence of negative circumstances does not nullify the workings of the Creator in our lives.  Negative situations will always happen but it can also help us learn a lot of things including patience and other important virtues so necessary for our maturity in life. Your Creator loves you too much to abandon you to failure as long as you are following directions!


4 thoughts on “The power of our imagination”

  1. Your post really spoke to me and I love how you reference Gen 11:6. That’s inspiring to know that for thousands of years people have know the secret of the power of our imagination.

    So many people think negatively on a daily basis and you can see how this sort of comes to be their reality. I really believe in the power of our imagination and those that use this knowledge and vision end up creating better lives for themselves.

    I like to start each day with an appreciation rock. Wake up and think of five things that I appreciate in my life, then think of what I want to have happen in life.

    It seems to be working nicely, but I also like that I feel better about the world and feel happier by having that sense of appreciation.


    • Hi Todd

      I like your term appreciation rock. It’s good to find 5 things to appreciate daily. I think I’ll adopt that also.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. I truly believe in the power of the imagination for either a positive or negative influence in one’s life. I try to remember that “thoughts are things,” and to avoid sending the wrong messages out into the universe. It’s true that our actions follow our thoughts, so we should always try to keep our thoughts in line with our values and goals.


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