Walking by Faith

Faith means  believe it  before seeing the manifestation. It  is a conviction rather than a proof that something  exists. It  gives me access to the unlimited wisdom of the Creator and it  is sometimes interpreted believe. .In fact the Big  Book says ‘Without faith, it is impossible to please the Creator of the Universe’.

You are walking down an alley way and you cannot see the end, but you know there is an end.  You may also have seen the end but  not know how to get there. All you know is you’ve got to get to the end regardless of how you get there. Faith is taking the steps (blindly )in order to complete the journey because you are sure of your destination.

God is moved by faith and not   by our various sacrifices including fasting. To obey is better than sacrifice, submission is better than offering the fat of rams. Faith is about  being okay when all things may not be working the way you expect.

The bible is full of stories of people whose faith (belief/trust)  enabled them to accomplish great things..Abraham believed that he would be a father of nations even when he was told to sacrifice his son on the altar. Moses, through faith led the Israelites as God intended though he initially was reluctant because he was a stammerer.

Moses sent twelve spies to spy out the land of Canaan. Ten spies returned saying ‘the land is full of giants and we see ourselves  as grasshoppers’, two spies returned saying ‘we are able to take the land.’ The language of faith spoken by Joshua and Caleb ensured they were the  only adults who entered the promised land.

What promises or conviction have you had regarding various issues of your life.What are you doing about it? Have you allowed your analysis of your situation to paralyse you such that you are not able to progress? Whatever it is, help is at hand, engage God in your affairs.

How can my faith be increased you ask? All you need is faith like mustard seed. In order to walk effectively in faith, we need to confess the Word regularly. This is sometimes called affirmations. We need positive affirmations to build our faith. Our words are spirits and are effective if spoken.

I challenge you today to begin operating as someone who is indeed the architect of his life. The changes you desire are waiting to happen, it all depends on you.








12 thoughts on “Walking by Faith”

  1. I remember reading a scripture that says, “faith is the substance of things hoped for”. This makes sense to me. I believe that our thoughts are composed of matter. Every thought we have creates a chemical reaction.
    Faith is very important. I believe part of the reason for our earthly existence is to test us to see if we will exercise our faith in a power greater than ourselves. Thanks for the scriptural examples. Abraham passed his test of faith, and I certainly hope I can pass mine. The image of the bible with the sunset in the distance is very pleasing to look at.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This is a very uplifting post to read.

    • Hi Bioelectobot

      Our faith is indeed very important. It is the only thing that can sustain us when all fails.

      Thanks for visiting this site.


  2. We often encounter challenges and our faith is tested. There may even be times you feel like giving up. But if your faith and belief is strong, it will go a long way. I’ve also had my fair share of trials, but God has always helped me through it all.

  3. I believe that faith is the one that makes things going. If you have no faith, then you will not believe that you can do things and make things possible. Actually I have several experiences in my life where my faith was challenged. But then I was able to learn from it and it made me stronger. Thanks for making me realize the true meaning of having faith.

  4. This was a great post.

    People often don’t realise that their own actions aren’t enough to realise their goals and ambitions. Having faith and belief in a higher power can often accelerate ones success.

    This post was well written and discussed a number of truths that people are often too afraid to discuss in an world where atheism and secular behaviour have become the norm.

    This post should help to open peoples eyes to realise their potential by having faith.

  5. Fantastic article couldn’t agree with you more. When having stepped out in faith and to trust that which you don’t see you life becomes so much more rich in every aspect. As Les Brown would say, step by faith not by fear.
    Great article, keep up the great work. Well done!

  6. Although I am not religious at all, I am spiritual, and I believe regardless of what belief system you adopt, the act of having faith is relevant to everything.

    I was once told by someone I lacked faith generally speaking. This was not a comment relating to whether or not I had faith in some sort of God; it was relating to having faith that life will work out. At the time I didn’t really see how it related to me. But over the years, those words from that person have begun to make sense to me, and I have seen that yes indeed, in the past I very much have lacked faith, and it has dominated every choice I have made.

    The act of positive belief in ourselves is not something we are taught in school, yet I feel it so key to our personal happiness and success. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Hi Liz

      I completely agree with you. We learn to grow in faith but everyone has been given a ‘grain’ of faith as small as the mustard seed.

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts.



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