What are you saying?

Indeed What are you saying with your mouth. A lot has been written about the effect of our words and our thoughts and many are not convinced that this is biblical. Today I want to investigate some of this from the scriptures. And there are a lot but not all wilt of l be covered today.


I create the fruit of the lips Isaiah 57:19

What is your lips producing, is it producing good fruits, good enough for others to eat.

Somebody once said ‘Every time you speak you create your future’, this is so true.

Say to them, As truly as I live, said the LORD, as you have spoken in my ears, so will I do to you: American Standard Version Say unto them, As I live Numbers 14:28

Once again what are you saying?


Do not let your problems dictate what you speak. Speak what you want to see and not what you see. This is what is called creating your world. Yes you can create the world you want to have by ensuring positive words come out of your lips.


We cannot control the thoughts that come into our minds but we are in control of what comes out of our lips. By changing what we speak. negative thoughts do not take residence.


Thank God that he gives you the ability to think right and speak right as the Word says ‘I have the mind of Christ’. 1Cor 2:16

Both life and death are in our tongue and those words come through our lips.

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