Wish to be a TV

A Primary School teacher asked her pupils to write an essay on ”A wish you want from God?” At the end of the day, the teacher collected all the essays given by her pupils. She took them to her house, sat down and started marking.

Whilst marking the essays, she sees a strange essay written by one of her pupils. That essay made her very emotional. Her husband came and sat beside her and saw her crying. The husband asked her, “What happened, What’s making you cry?”

She answered “Read this. It is one of my pupil’s essay.”

“Oh God, Make me a Television. I want to live like the TV in my house.

In my house, the TV is very valuable. All of my family members sit around it. They are very interested in it. When the TV is talking, my parents listen to it very happily.

They don’t shout at the TV. They don’t quarrel with the TV. They don’t slap the TV. So I want to become a TV.

The TV is the centre of attraction in my house. I want to receive the same special care that the TV receives from my parents. Even when it is not working, the TV has a lot of value.

When my dad and mom come home, they immediately sit in front of the TV, switch it on and spend hours watching it. The TV is stealing the time of my dad and my mom. If I become a TV, then they will spend their time with me.

I love to be the centre of attraction ( they watching me)

While watching the TV, my parents laugh a lot and they smile many times. But I want my parents to laugh and smile with me also. So please God make me a TV.

And last but not the least, if I become a TV, surely I can make my parents happy and entertain them. Lord I won’t ask you for anything more. I just want to live like a TV. Please turn me into a TV.

The husband completed reading the essay. He said “My God, poor kid. He feels lonely. He did not receive enough love and care from his parents. His parents are horrible.” We are all born with an innate desire for fellowship.

The eyes of the primary School teacher filled with tears. She looked at her husband and said, “Our son wrote this essay.”

What do you think of this piece? This child would become an attention seeker as she grows older and may be very disruptive in an attempt to get people to notice her. It is also referred to as excessive attention seeking and drama addiction. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/obesely-speaking/201411/excessive-attention-seeking-and-drama-addiction).

May our children never desire to be WhatsApp Phones or TV.
This story highlights a lot of problems with modern day parenting.
There is nothing wrong with TV or WhatsApp messages but there is a problem when it is allowed to consume our lives and time.  Time is a precious commodity and should never be wasted this way. If I was advising these parent I will be discussing:

  • Prioritising -Our Creator had time for work and He rested, we are adivised to do the same.
  • Planning – Learn to plan. Time should be allocated for rest as well as other things. There is a time for everything according to Ecclesiasties 3:1-8
  • Engage with family members healthily. This child should be watching TV with parents. Whatsapp messages can be viewed when she’s gone to bed or some other times in the day. No child should feel they are competing with parent’s affection.

A good time management technique will help these parents deal with their schedule more effectively.

8 thoughts on “Wish to be a TV”

  1. Hi Kavinah,
    that is a very powerful story in you article, one which I hope will make many sit up and take note. It is indeed very sad that a child (of God) has such thoughts.
    I think it is important to bring our light into the world and allowing others to see that they too are all children (of God) and are ALL loved equally.I looked at some of your other pages – indeed some thought provoking articles.

    • Hi Greenvee

      You are right it is a self limiting thought. That is one of the reasons why hopefully I write to help people overcome these problems. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hello Kavinah,
    Being a parent myself, this piece really struck a chord with me. I know all to well how easy it is to get wrapped up in our daily tasks and forget how important it is to be mindful of our children.

    I luckily have children that enjoy playing together, but alas, that is no substitute for a parents love. This was a great reminder to cherish all these moments I can before they are gone. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this, as it has opened my eyes to how fast it all goes.

    You have great content. Keep inspiring! 🙂
    Thanks Again,
    Brandie Mae

  3. Hi Kav.

    I love your site. That is a very compelling story. Sometimes we are so oblivious to what those around us may be feeling. Yes. We need to take breaks, just as Jesus did and we need to spend time with those we love. Electronics can be very addictive. We need to watch our balance.

    Thank you for a very thought provoking post.


  4. That is extraordinary and I can understand the mother crying about it because it’s an indictment on her and her husband that they spend so much time in front of the tv at the expense of their son.

    I have to give full marks to the son for his story as he certainly got his parents attention and I hope that they changed their behaviour and gave him more attention after reading it.

    For the son to write that in the first place means that their family life at home is in a sad state and the tips you put at the end of your post should be able to help any parents who have a similar problem with their children.


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