Witty Inventions

How can I possess knowledge of witty inventions? Proverbs 8:12 says wisdom will give us knowledge of witty inventions. I believe this is the type of inventions that come to us by non textbook means. Witty means humorous, comic etc. This type of invention is also termed creative idea. It may not have been done this way before but it definitely will make sense when revealed to the world.

‘I wisdom dwell with prudence, I find out knowledge of witty inventions‘. Dwelling with prudence, being cautious, not acting hastily. Another version says Wisdom lives with insight and it acquires knowledge and foresight. So we need insight, knowledge and foresight. Wisdom acquires all these. Wisdom is also termed application of knowledge. Foresight is the ability to predict what will happen. It is also in a way linked to being cautious. I would also refer to as a discerning gift. Being able to discern good from bad decisions is very important in life.

But another part of the wonderful BOOK says that Jesus Christ is the wisdom and power of God. So if I want the wisdom of God I would need to be speaking and listening to someone who can make it happen, Mr W. This person actually lives in me. I need to tap into this wisdom by taking actions to do things that will awaken the One within. I believe this wisdom resides in our spirit. Our spirit is awakened when we receive the gift of life given to us by the shed blood of Christ. This is important as without it the Words written in the BOOK is dead. receive the writer and it becomes alive.

It also interesting to note that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Man is trying to reach God but He has provided a way for us to reach Him. Various medium can be employed to tap into this wisdom, some of these are

Reading the your manufacturer’s manual (Word)
Speaking the Word aloud

The last one is actually difficult for many people but it is the most effective as three senses are engaged. As you read: mouth, ears (listening. Faith arises in us as we hear. Hearing right and applying the knowledge can lead to increase. The creator loves increase and wants us to increase.

How was it possible for one man to discover 300 uses for humble peanut, among other inventions? One man discovered penicillin. There’s been many more inventions since creation.  It can only happen by learning to listen and meditate. Let’s thank God for the various ways we have to tap into The Wisdom within. The world is waiting for our inventions!


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  1. Excellent website! this is so inspiring. the scripures are something many shold consider worthwhile understanding. I am sure a lot of people would love to come to your website to gain motivation. I loved reading through your article and it filled me positivity. I can only say , keep up the good work. Ginger.


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