You can feed five thousand

Do you know that you can feed 5000? ‘How’? you ask, by being grateful for the little resource you have. You don’t have to wait for plenty before you stretch out your hand. The power to increase and to cause increase has been given to you by your creator. Before you were created He said ‘I want to make man in my image’. If the manufacturer has decided to make you in His image you can do whatever he can do because he empowered you. In fact the book says ‘I can do all things because he strengthens me’. What ever I imagine I can do. So the problem lies in ensuring that whatever I choose to do is for the benefit of mankind. Power will move in you as you serve mankind and it is important you don’t ignore yourself.fishes_23-2147516484

The story went like this: A young boy gave his lunch as a request was made for food for a crowd. How could a boy’s lunch feed 5000? The important thing is that the boy offered what he had, five loaves and two fishes. He did not rationalise and allow analysis to paralyse his thinking. He offered, the meal was received and thanksgiving was made for the meal. The miracle started as thanksgiving was being made for the meal. Not only were the 5000 fed but twelve baskets full were left over. The officers or disciples had already done the calculation and decided that there was not enough money to feed the crowd. In those days, only men are  counted so the miracle could have fed twice or three times that number of women and children.

We all have the power to cause increase to happen but sometimes we are are not aware of our capability and may be driven by fear. You can have the know how but lack the courage to make the move for change. In the situation described above the disciples could have offered the money they had to Jesus but did  not. Instead they were looking for physical things to offer. They even exclaimed ‘what is this among so many’. These are experienced men who had followed Jesus around for so long. Yet they doubted their abilitiy to provide.  Have you sometimes doubted your ability? Yes I have and lost many opportunities as I rationalised away my chances. Now I know better and can say ‘With my Creator, all things are possible’.

As I thought about this story I noticed a few things:

  • The giver gave and  benefited as well as other people.
  • The giver made history though we don’t know their name.
  • Give thanks for what you have to receive increase.
  • Little becomes much when the Creator is in it.
  • The disciples had to learn to trust.
  • Our problems are never beyond solution.
  • The disciples had forgotten previous miracles.


What about you, I’ll love to hear about your experinces. Leave your comments below.


8 thoughts on “You can feed five thousand”

  1. This goes in line with “as a man thinks, so is he…” His heart defines the path he shall choose whether for good or perceived evil ends. All will eventually be for the good; but by choice we choose the easy or hard path to the end. By law, abundance is inevitable as man correctly aligns with the good in his heart and puts down the selfishness of the flesh (ego). Inaction comes from first ignoring the heart as one attempts to align with the ego/flesh and its nature. Such is the struggle of mankind as he comes to the realization that he is his own worst enemy as he limits his ability by choice not to follow the laws given to him that has proven to sustain life.

    • Hi William

      The choices we make is indeed our worst enemy. You are so right that as we correctly align ourself with the will of our creator, abundance will come.


  2. I think as humans it’s easy for us to forget the times when God has come through for us. When he has blessed us and provided for us – even in the smallest of ways. It takes something big before you remember again the great things He has done in your past.
    I personally don’t believe that we will always be given increase, I think sometimes things can be taken or not given, to help grow us and form us into more Christ-like creations. Do you think “going-without” is an important part of our communication with God?

    • Hi Anne

      Going without is part of our growth. The answer we require may sometimes come in the form of no, wait and yes. The yeses can be more if we learn to thank and praise.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. l love your website that talks about the love of God, God’s desire for us is that we would be our brothers keeper. And yes we should be grateful for the little that we have and help others for in doing that we will have increase and that is God’s way give and it shall be given back to you. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information God bless you.

  4. In the book of Matthew 6:25-29 , our Lord Jesus tells us that we should not worry about such things as what we eat, drink or ware, that he Jesus, our Lord will provide for us. Jesus said, not only does he feed the birds that sow nor reap not, but we are better than them birds. Jesus continue to tell us that if He takes care of the green fields, so why is our faith so weak, why do we lack full trust in our Savior?

    In Romans 5:6 tell us that our Lord Jesus did for us in our weaknesses, even while we lacked faith in Him.

    It all come down to us putting our full trust in our Lord, and when we place all faith in our Lord there is nothing that he would not do for us.

    In Philippians 4:13 Paul reminds us that with Jesus we gain the strength to accomplish anything.

    With that said, yes we can feed a nation, just as Jesus feed the 5000 with plenty left over. Jesus paid no attention to the doubts his followers had. He saw the large crowd, the loaves and fish, and said eat and be merry.

    Jesus message here is to put all our trust in our Lord and Savoir and praise Him, giving Him thanks in all He has done for us, he will never let us down.

    Brothers and sisters I tell you that we all need proper guidance, the right leader, a great teacher that will show us how be strong in our faith. That teacher is you, me, and Him working in unity showing that God (Jesus) is still doing miracles. Give Him the praises by horning Him, praying to Him, thanking Him for all He has, is and still will do for us.

    Turn you life over to our Lord and he will protect you for the evil of this world.

    Thank you for this opportunity. I love you and God bless
    LeNard -seconds2work


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