You have the power to get wealth

I want to explore these few words I read in the Book saying 'But you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms His covenant.......'.  It refers to you first. The power is within because the creator dwells within us if we have the faith to believe he does. The beginning of the verse actually mentions remembering him. We need to be in communion with the one that dwells inside us then the rest of the words makes sense.  We all like to quote the highlighted bit and forget it comes first. Everything we receive from above is by faith and this is very difficult for many to accept.  Faith involves taking action, faith without works is dead.

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Why do we need faith?  We need it because He gives you the power so that you have the resources to make a difference in the world. We need it to fulfill our purpose on earth. We are blessed to be a blessing. As we bless others, our lives are enriched. You will be receiving power from someone you cannot see. That takes faith. Faith takes the first step even though it cannot see the whole staircase according to  Martin Luther King Jr. Proverbs 3:6 encourages us to remember God in everything we do and He will direct our ways.

In defining wealth you need to be comparing yourself to those who have less than you. Am I saying here, ‘don’t aspire for greatness by looking at the people wealthier than you’.  I’m simply saying by comparing yourself to people less privileged, you have the opportunity to continually give praises to your Creator who is always willing to endow you with more.  Look at the needs all over the world. where do you place yourself? This article helps to put things in perspective. It has some shocking statistics.

I recently visited an African country on a self-funded volunteer programme and could see a lot of opportunities that the natives could not spot. In such environment, I can see how blessed I am and how I could make a difference with very little resources.  One day during one of my training sessions I mentioned how Moringa is popular all over the world and the cost. Unknown to me was a Moringa tree growing in the compound of the venue. The leaves and seeds of that plant was neglected as the pods had become dried up on the tree. Some of the participants knew the power of the plant and have first-hand experiences of people who have benefited from sale or use of it. There was a young man named Richard was there who had attended training sessions on how to grow and cultivate it but did nothing with the information.  Wealth was around but not being tapped.

Some of the directions to get wealth and ways to receive ability are numerous. These are some avenues for ideas to get wealth:

  • May come in your dream.
  • It may come through an impression in your mind
  • It may come through conversation with someone
  • You may be reading a book or newspaper and that light bulb moment comes to you.
  • Browsing online
  • Visits to trade fairs, conferences
  • Visits to other countries

These avenues are not exhaustive and I am open to more ideas that can be added to the list.

What action you take with the information you receive is very important. How do you position yourself to receive this blessing coming your way? He is ‘giving you the power’ because He wants you to use it. Richard mentioned above, having listened to my pep talk on uses of Moringa and the ability to earn foreign exchange, promised to embark on farming it and keeping me updated. Many others heard the information and will never do anything about it despite the confirmation they had during the interactive discussions. In the moringa story I narrated above, I asked a young man to gather the pods and take the seeds out for me. He passed on the job to someone else. On the following day, I saw that the pods were still lying around and no one, not even him bothering to touch it. He obviously felt too big to do such tasks. I bet if I return to the same country next year, he would still be looking for JOB. It’s the same way we pass over opportunities that could make us wealthy.

In wrapping up, I believe wealth is a product of the mind. It is not sin otherwise your creator will not give it. We all have opportunities to get wealth but we need to get deeper with our Creator. Wealth is embedded in ideas and attitudes. The reason why some are not wealthy could be because of bad attitude amongst other reasons and failure or inability of its citizens to act on ideas. This is highly debatable and I am not passing any judgement here.

This is why a country may be rich in natural resources and not be wealthy. In many of these countries, attitude to work, business and life, in general, have to change for people to begin the wealth creation process. People have to be taught wealth creation and it starts with attitude change not the giving of handouts. There are countries of the world like Japan and Taiwan who have hardly any natural resources and are wealthy nations whereas other countries have the resources and need to buy in the technology, inventions, ideas, attitudes. It also shows that we need each other.

I will leave with these few word from the big book: ‘Moreover the profit of the earth is for all: the king himself is served by the field’. (Ecclesiastes 5:9).

8 thoughts on “You have the power to get wealth”

  1. I’ve always been a big believer of divine providence. About 5 years ago, I visited my family in another country and my Aunt told me about her struggles to get more success, and she worked very hard to get where she is now. She never wavered in her faith and only asked God for the strength and patience to go on. Her company has been very successful since and it’s true that strengthening the spirit really leads to success. Your article was very inspiring and very helpful, good luck to you!

  2. To quote Proverbs 10:22 “the blessings of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it.”
    Riches and wealth in this world is attainable, however, only with putting God first will we be truly and spiritually rich and blessed. There is nothing wrong with being rich or wealthy, but those material things should never take the place of our service to God. Jesus said that it is more likely for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into the Kingdom of God (Matthew 19:23 – 24). That’s because so many people abandon God when they reach a certain level of wealth, thinking that, because they’ve made it “this far”, they no longer need Him. It is exactly the opposite, as having a riches and wealth actually could potentially bring more misery and problems into your life. With that said, if a person is able to be rich/wealthy and still remain in constant service to God (like Job), there is nothing wrong with riches at all! It’s all about priorities. P.S – my intention is not be “preachy”!! Great article! 🙂

  3. You are right mate,

    You need to be at peace with God before you can make any substantial amount of wealth that will stay.

    But at times, it appears difficult and is actually very confusing for someone to know how to have sincere faith and remember God.

    Sometimes things are just too hard for us to understand and obey. Don’t you agree?

    • Hi Dave

      You are right, things do appear hard to understand and obey because we are mostly limited to and by what we can see. Dealing with God is a faith journey. I stressed on this a bit in the article. If we can talk regular steps of faith, we’ll indeed move mountains.

      Thanks for taking time to comment.


  4. Great site and post. It is especially helpful to those who have been taught that it is never all right to ask for help with gaining wealth. God gives us many gifts in many forms, and even a no answer to a request for greater wealth can result in a better answer eventually. God may not like the option we have chosen to increase our wealth or He may have something far better in mind for us. Wealth is not always monetary. It is up to us to ask for God’s will, listen, and act on the right response.

    • Hi Tanya
      I agree with you. No, may be an answer for something better and wealth is not always in monetary terms. There are people with money but not happy and that cannot be termed wealthy. We truly have to commune with God for the right way to get wealth and riches. The world is waiting for our help in many ways.


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